Police warn 'cane field' motorists on Mandela Highway

October 09, 2017

Motorists who use the cane fields along Mandela Highway in St Catherine to bypass traffic along the roadway are being warned by the police to desist.

This apparently follows calls by motorists to be assisted by the police when they experience difficulty while traversing the cane field.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force via its Twitter account, urged motorists to avoid using the area as a thoroughfare to escape traffic.

The police say they are not in a position to help drivers who are stranded.

The twitter post by the JCF read, “Given the limited resources we have, we are unable to assist motorists who use that route illegally.”

Earlier this morning THE STAR saw motorists being signalled by the police and pulled from the line of traffic along the highway after they were spotted entering the roadway from the cane field.

The police are advising motorists to use the main thoroughfare at all times.