A COLE WORL': How unnu support Arsenal and Liverpool??

November 29, 2017

I am making a serious comment here. Yuh see people who support Liverpool and Arsenal FC here in Jamaica, I don't trust unuh one bit!

And that's especially if a long time unuh a support those clubs. I think you all are delusional, more like mad people. Serious ting! 

Yuh see the part in the song where the songwriter say, "my hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus blood and righteousness?"

It's like their hopes are built similarly, but not pon Jesus Christ. I believe their hopes are fickle and vain, because to be supporting a club to win the English Premier League (EPL) for so long with nothing in return, how do you all sleep at nights? How do you keep a relationship going?

I mean, your partners supposed to be waiting on those clubs to win to either 'get some' at night or to justify their very existence.

I know a whole heapa relationships supposed to mash up because of those two clubs not winning the EPL in a long while.

But my two cents today isn't about those clubs per se, but of individuals you meet every day, and somewhere along the line your favourite football club is mentioned — to your detriment if you ever mention the 'wrong club'! 

When I meet someone and they tell me they support Liverpool FC, mi skin just start itch mi. Is like mi start get mad.

How can they support a club that is not winning? It make me believe that they aren't about winning in life either.