A COLE WORL': Cutting the workforce? Start a Parliament.

December 06, 2017
Gordon House, seat of the Houses of Parliament

Unnu read about the $1 billion that has been allocated for early retirement payments to public sector workers? What unuh think about it?

I think this will do some sort of good to not just the economy, but to those who are in the impending age group to start a new.

To get one year worth of salary plus yuh pension isn't a bad idea enuh, but surely there may be pitfalls along the way, even some bad decisions.

But, look pon de brighter side, nuff people who get up every Monday mawning and drag themselves to work thinking this work sucks, finally have a way out.

Tek the money and gwaan a farrin, start a small business, think outside the box and come up with creative ways in which you can pump the money back into the economy and economise the opportunities.

On the other hand though, as was mentioned about the pitfalls, if a lot of public sector workers buy into this idea we are going to see significant brain drain taking place in Jamaica.

If unuh think the students and staff at our local universities well wahn leave Jamaica, wait till working people finally get a good understanding of this initiative and exercise dem options.

Jamaica a go become more and more dunce with no guarantee of economic growth. Why? Because all the knowledge that have been stored and caked up inna some off these workers head will leave with them.

And since we are talking about cutting the workforce and this initiative is age sensitive, mek we start wid Gordon House nuh? Start inna parliament