A Cole Worl': Stop politicising the promotion

December 22, 2017

The promotion of then police sergeant, now assistant superintendent Raymond Wilson must not be seen as a political move to dilute the wage negotiations between rank and file members of the JCF and government.

I for one haven't liked what has been going around about why he was promoted. People need to get facts before dem start talk and speculate foolishness and avoid spreading propaganda.

Yuh know how long Wilson has been the police federation chairman? Sixteen years! That means he would've seen several prime ministers come and go, several police commissioners come and go, and whole heapa politicians come and go.

He however, didn't come and go; he stood still. A whole heapa fight this man fight fe police get justice enuh. Let me pause to acknowledge this piece of irony right here, but it is true.

The man has been working, hard too, so let's not politicise the promotion but laud the man for his hard work over the years, cause if a never for Raymond nuff police couldn't 'Serve, Protect and Reassure' properly.

He has championed many a cause for not just the JCF, but many other agencies and departments too, albeit indirectly.

Mi nah call nuh name still, but a nuff time when wage negotiations start we hear, "mek Raymond dem start and whatever dem get, we use that as a benchmark and negotiate." 

The fact that right now there seems to be a serious breakdown in negotiations makes for an interesting view to see who will step in and fill the void/post he leaves behind.