A Cole Worl': Teacher strike nuh help nuh baddy

March 13, 2018
A Cole Worl'

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance" smaddy told me that once and up to now I don't think people really understood what it really means.

I am not going to explain it now, but a lot of ignorance is being manifested throughout the strike. First I can tell you, this strike by the teachers nuh help no baddy. It doesn't help the teachers, it nuh help the ministry, not even IMF benefit from this strike.

What the teachers shoulda duh according to my longtime mathematics teacher, was to siddung and work it out.

Yes, there must be a better way to go about getting the message across.

Crippling the educational sector for a few per cent more will leave a ripple effect in our future.

Nuff a dem pickney yah a go feel it later on inna life; GSAT just deh round de corner enuh.

I feel it for the teachers, nuh get mi wrong. Nuff a dem a go home with less than $65,000 a month, nuff can't pay dem bills, Courts a knock pon dem door and asking back for dem bed.

Nuff teachers haffi a borrow money from another teacher who has to borrow money from the credit union just to survive.

They deserve every penny and more especially dealing with some of these bruck bad pickney. Think about it, if teachers keep thinking about the children, who will think about them?