A Cole Worl': INDECOM ruling is no victory

March 16, 2018
Terrence Williams, INDECOM commissioner

After reading about the demise of The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM), one has to wonder if there was political interference in this whole matter, talk de truth. 

The Court of Appeal ruled today that the commission cannot arrest or prosecute cops, they only have the power to investigate and make recommendations. 

Why did it take the Court of Appeal to come to that conclusion? If INDECOM was acting contrary from 19 how long, why smaddy never do something about it from mawning? 

Yes many police officers might view this move as a victory, but to me, all this is just more confusion. 

Every time I write, I write about how sad Jamaica has become, but every time something else pops up, we get even sadder. Why?

When you heard how many politicians were going after INDECOM because they were so 'strict' and they must relent on cases that are deemed in the public sphere to be clear-cut, I have to wonder. 

I know there's a section of Jamaica and Jamaicans who were wronged and those who are continually wronged by the security forces who might now feel hopeless.

Don't get me wrong, I am not for subjecting our hard working men and women of the security forces to public shame.

But a line has to be drawn that enough is enough, and now, it seems like that line was rubbed out and placed right where it was before.