A COLE WORL': Stop ask fool fool question

March 27, 2018
Ian Allen/Photographer Members of the Jamaica Defence Force search a car on St John's Road, Spanish Town, St Catherine.

I am trying hard not to say anything at all about the State of Public Emergency that is taking place in parts of St Catherine but I am irritated at foolishness.

The other night, like most all other nights I have to pass the blockades, and the way the interactions take place leave me wondering.

Like for instance, mi a drive guh home and after exiting the round-a-bout outta Jose Marti dessuh, a soldier signalled me to stop. Suh mi stop.

Soldier says to me, "turn on yuh roof light fimi nuh", "wind down yuh back glass", and this is what irks me every time, "yuh have anyting to declare?"

What does that mean? I normally travel with an extra spare rim and tyre in my car because me always puncture a roadside.

Should I declare that? Let's say I withdrew $101,000 from the bank and was going home to sort out house stuff; should I declare that as well?

I am not dumb. Most times this question is asked to find out if one has a firearm in their possession, to which that person would make such a declaration I guess if they so desired.

All I am saying is, asking such a general and open question does not mean anything; you will get a general answer. If for anything, from a tactical standpoint it exposes a person.

For argument sake, if a licensed firearm holder was also a taxi man, after such a question and possible answer, the situation would only leave the taxi man more exposed and open to whomever is behind him and whosoever else takes his cab.

So in essence, stop ask fool fool questions!