Person of interest turns himself in

July 30, 2018

             Ricardo Bird, also known as 'Birdie' or 'Whitman', one of the three men the Hanover police asked to turn themselves in after last week’s murder of a 91-year-old pensioner and 15-year-old schoolboy in Malcolm Heights in Lucea, Hanover, is now in custody.
                Bird, Howard ‘Zill’ McIntosh, and Nickoy ‘Nick’ McKenzie were asked to turn themselves in to the police by last Friday.

McIntosh and McKenzie have not complied.
           With Bird now in custody, it brings to three the number of persons now in custody for the gruesome double murder, which has rocked the community and caused some persons to flee out of fear.

One of the persons in custody is the 15-year-old brother of a top gangster, who was murdered in the parish recently.
               The slain pensioner, Laurel Frame, and the schoolboy, Jessie Spence, a student of Hopewell High School, were killed shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday when two men armed with handguns barged into Frame’s yard and first murdered the youngster before turning their guns on the elderly woman.
               The police, acting on information, carried out a raid in a section of Malcolm Heights and arrested the teenager and another man.

It was at that time that Bird and the other two men were asked to turn themselves in.
                   The latest murders in Hanover are believed to be as a result of the killing of top gangster Nicko 'Fat Man' Campbell, who was shot and killed by unknown assailants along the Sandy Bay main road earlier this month.