Red Stripe donates $1 million to enhance landfill security

August 24, 2018
Errol Crosby Photo Riverton Landfill tour on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Security arrangements at the Riverton City Landfill, off Spanish Town Road in Kingston, are to be further enhanced with a donation of $1 million by brewing company, Red Stripe.
The money will be used to, among other things, procure surveillance equipment for the landfill.
In his remarks, Ricardo Nuncio, managing director, Red Stripe, noted that the fire had an impact on the company’s employees and operations, and the donation is one tangible way to provide support.
He said the money is one of the 100 gifts the company will be giving away in celebration of its 100th year in operation.
“We want to give this gift to the National Solid Waste Management Authority to support their efforts of managing the Riverton City (landfill) better. I know it’s not going to solve your entire problems, but I think that it’s definitely going to help you go in the right direction and avoid this issue from happening again,” he said.