Popular MoBay man arrested for ganja

November 02, 2018

Former Montego Bay businessman Ray Morris, who was one of the most colourful personalities in the western city back in the 1980s, was yesterday arrested by the Montego Bay Police after he was reportedly held with a quantity of ganja at his home.

The arrest of the 66-year-old Morris, who was renowned for his flashy lifestyle and his colourful personality, generated much discussion in Montego Bay yesterday as the news spread across the city.

"Bwoy me hope seh there is some innocent explanation for this. Ray should up a house now inna him hammock a catch a nice evening nap ... him nuh belong a jailhouse at fe him age," said one popular Montego Bay personality

According to the police, shortly after 5 a.m., a police team carried out an operation in New Ramble district, near Bogue. During the search of a house occupied by Morris, they said 21 rectangular shaped packages containing hashish were seized.

Morris and a female companion who were at the premises were taken into custody. He was subsequently charged with possession of and dealing in ganja.

Morris, who has had previous brushes with the law over the years, is the owner of several prime properties in Montego Bay.