Office of the Police Commissioner comments on cop case

November 20, 2018
Commissioner of Police Antony Anderson

The Office of the Commissioner of Police has said that persons who carry out illegal acts, whether they are police officers or not, should face the courts.

The comments came in a media release sent out Tuesday afternoon that referred to a "police constable's conviction".

In the release, the Office said it "appreciates the interest of members of the media and other groups in having a comment on a recent court case involving a police officer". 

But the Office further advised that it would be inappropriate to make further comments on the case as there are other connected matters related to the conviction.

The Office of the Police Commissioner assured the public that it has paid keen attention to the case and its outcome.

It said several initiatives were put in place to address issues that may have arisen out of the evidence presented and findings and comments of other groups and individuals.

"The Office wishes to emphasise the imperative of all parties respecting the judicial process and to allow the law to take its course," the release said.