Police Federation outraged at government's latest offer

December 06, 2018

The Jamaica Police Federation said it is calling for the urgent intervention of the Prime Minister of Jamaica, with a view to concluding the salary negotiations with the Finance Ministry.

In a release, the federation said its central committee met this morning with Ministry officials. 

The federation is dissatisfied with the government’s latest offer, which was communicated by Wayne Jones, deputy financial secretary. 

The federation said that after remaining 'on call' for the past two weeks, it was told to 'take it (the offer) or go to a third party'.

The eight-member central committee believes that the negotiation does not have the government’s full commitment. 

"This is evidenced by the fact that the Minister of Finance Dr Nigel Clarke abandoned the negotiations at this critical stage and handed over to his technocrats who communicated the offer 'on behalf of the principal'," the federation said.

Federation chairman Corporal Arleen McBean commented that the government "has again seriously failed to appreciate the fact that police men and women islandwide are uneasy and distraught with the government’s 'stone hearted' position at the negotiation table.

"This is coupled with the increased demand for police service in the Zones of Special Operations (ZOSO) and State of Public Emergency (SOPE). The demand for police services is anticipated to be intensified for the festive season," she said.

The federation said it would be calling a mass meeting to communicate the Government’s latest position to its membership.