Baby snatched from Cornwall Regional Hospital has been found

January 06, 2019
Walton Evans (left) kisses the head of his baby girl being held by Detective Eulett Lewis in St James on Sunday while the child's mother, Latoya White, looks on.

The three-week-old baby girl, Vernesha Evans, who was stolen from the compound of Cornwall Regional Hospital on Friday, has been found.

Police contacted the parents just after midday on Sunday to give them the news. The child's father, Walton Evans, fell to his knees and gave thanks to God after he positively identified the infant as his offspring at the hospital today.

The child is undergoing a medical examination.

The police have not said where the child was found and in whose company.

The child's mother reportedly left her with a woman and went to used the bathroom. After she returned she discovered that the woman and her baby were gone.