More skeletal remains found in Barrett Town

March 18, 2019
Forensic investigator working at a crime scene


                            Little more than a month after a child stumbled upon the skeletal remains of a man in Barrett Town, St James, construction workers have stumbled upon the skeletal remains of yet another person in the community.                 

            According to reports, on Saturday, at about 12:30 p.m., workers were digging a foundation to construct a retaining wall in the Rhynie Hill section of the community when they found the skeletal remains.

           "It look like de man dem a use wi area fi burial ground," a community member told THE STAR. "A nuff night we inna we bed and a pure gunshot a fire all bout inna the area. When de police dem come search, dem always seh dem nuh find nobody."

                  According to the resident, who has living in the community for more than a decade, several persons have gone missing from the community without a trace.

                "De police dem fe start mek some run through the community inna night and start hold some bwoy and check dem out,” said the resident. “A just de other day dem find a skeleton down a SOS Village and now dem find one a Rhynie Hill … dis look serious.”

         Following Saturday's discovery, the police were called to the location. After the scene was processed, the remains were removed to the morgue in downtown Montego Bay.

                “It is difficult to make a determination as to when this person died and the circumstances which lead to his death,” a police investigator said. “We will be carrying out a full investigation with the use of forensic science to see what we will come up with.”

           On Sunday, February 10, at about 5 p.m., the previous skeletal remains were found in a manhole on the compound of the abandoned Basic School, near the SOS Children’s Village.

                  Interestingly the police have confirmed that a man, who has identified as Martin Hill, of Rhyne Park, went missing on Sunday January 30, and has not been heard from since.