Two months break-up an' him find woman already!

October 15, 2015

Wooooiiiieeeeee!!!!! Waa gwaan TamFam??? Mi deh ya, mi deh ya, mi deh ya. Man well blessed an a cut an goh tru. Big up all a mi Tambourine Radio and Ragashanti Live listeners ova Bless up unu self.

Awright, move outa mi way, mixup time now.

Hello Raga,

I've been with my boyfriend for four years on and off. I love him and he loves me a lot. Rewind back to July, we had an argument and wasn't talking for a few months. He reached out to me but I didn't talk to him cause I was telling myself it isn't working and I wanna let go. Anyways yesterday we start talking back discussing our mistakes and what we like from what not. Raga I asked him if he's seeing someone else and his answer was "not really." So now I'm think WTF two months and you already seeing someone else? So I ask him if he wants me to move on, and he said "naw uh crazy." So now I'm confuse why u start talking to someone else but still wants me? He told me that he doesn't love her but she respect him and she's humble but it's me that he really loves! Now I'm confuse cause I'm thinking he has this girl they prolly having SEX and all these things it's driving me crazy! I didn't cheat on him not since we been together! So now, do I stay with him or do I move on or should I tell him to leave her? I'm so confused! Help me please. Thanks for reading hoping to hear your view on this! Have a blessed day!

Well, if yuh a goh have a issue caa him goh deh wid somebody else inna unu two months break-up dat a one ting, but is a completely different ting if him goh hook up wid somebody wen you and him were clearly NOT together. An rememba, during the break-up yuh say him did reach out to yuh an yuh neva gi him nuh knowings, because yuh say di relationship did done. So after him try fi buil back di ting, and yuh basically mek him know say it naa goh work - he obviously concluded that you had moved on, so him move on too, an goh find somebody else.

I know based on your standards it seemed a little too quick for him to have already been involved with someone else. But is not like it was just a week. Two months is a reasonable amount a time for some people to move on after a break-up. Besides, it nuh mus be di case dat him new relationship deep like dat. Probably him did jus lonely an want likkle company fi tek weh di break-up stress. Or probably him did jus horny an want a one blaze fi help out a situation. But two months is an ok time fi him did move on after yuh mek him know yuh neva want him anymore.

Nuh badda bex cause him neva siddung an bawl wen unu did dung.

Jus pree di positive ya now say unu get back togeda an can staat ova propa. Dash out some good wuk pon him, an di two a unu jus tek care a unu one anneda an buil back unu ting straight.

All di bes.

Awringht mi peeps. Link mi wid unu mixup dem at See unu nex Thursday same place yah soh.

Bless up.


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