Stop use mi name and scam people!

October 26, 2015

Noah warn fi eight year and a only eight people save. A word to the wise is sufficient and dis about my 10 word yah now! This scamming ting a get from wus to wussara, from both the perspective of the scammer and the scammee.

In these times when money so scarce and hard to come by it is of paramount importance that we become more vigilant and aware about the time in which we are living. If smaddy coulda scam you back inna di 80s or 90s it no supposed to be so easy for them in 2015! Gone are the days when people are oblivious to what scamming is and what it entails. Incidents of it is all over the news, in newspapers, inna every crevice and corna! All di baby jus' born goodly seh "scamma" before him seh mama to how it inoculate the place!

Mi tired fi hear seh people a use mi nice clean name weh mi work hard fi build a scam people!

The blood of Jesus is against unnu and unnu devious plots and plans! Unnu fi mine how unnu a benefit from ill-gotten gains and swindle people of dem hard earn money! Mi sick to mi stomach when mi think of the blood, sweat and tears ... the sacrifice weh people haffi mek.

To how dem heartless and no regard nobody all dem own kind dem willing fi bring down! Di vagabond and di pestilence dem weh a try impersonate mi voice unnu fi gweh! What a day when God intervene and put a stopping to unnu and unnu antics??!! Problem weh follow people yeye wata no nice!

These miscreants can only be facilitated by people who are greedy, gullible and down right stupid! I'm aware that some of them target persons who are old and may have mental problems as I witnessed when I watched a piece on CNN on Anderson Cooper. However there are some people who just so careless and slight that all money dem gone borrow fi access di fake prize!

Dem all a give out dem family members particulars a foreign and no realise that they are putting their loved ones lives at risk! The love of money and likes is the root of all evil! Use yuh brain! If it sounds too good to be true then a lie! Ask yourselves certain questions...yuh did enter a promotion?

Why yuh haffi spend money to access your prize? If dem seh yuh win money why not tek out the money weh u haffi pay and send the balance? If dem seh the check already mek out inna yuh name ask dem what is yuh full name! Yuh haffi try deh 10 step ahead a dem cause if yuh lef yuh life careless dem will scam dat too!

So many people have smart phone yet dem a get dumb and dumber! The police, the Ministry of National Security, MOCA, me and other relevant authorities can only do so much unnu have to play unnu part and wise up!

Try and record dem and report dem to the police. Expose dem on social media so people will know bout dem. Shine di light pon dem so dem have nowhere to hide. Social media is not just fi fast inna people business or find fault wid people but to expose the ills of society. Put your family members abroad on the alert. Don't be quick to just give out personal information on the phone to a stranger!

A coulda di US president a call yuh! Some a unnu love chat too much and keep up conversation wid people who unnu don't know.

Go find something productive to do and heng up di phone! How can smaddy call fi seh yuh win visa and yuh no go a di embassy??! Seh yuh win trip and haffi pay for it?! Dat no mek no sense! Mi hear seh dem all a scam people credit off a dem phone.

People a call a seh dem accidentally send credit and a beg dem fi send it back. Some a di simpleton dem jus' send the credit without checking dem phone first fi see if additional credit was there in the first place. Aye sah it look like common sense no so common these days! It sad!

I have done and continue to do my part in making the public know seh it is not me! I have never called and will never call anyone telling them that they have won a prize for which they have to pay money to collect.

This Miss Kitty the real authentic one no mix up inna dem deh dutty bangarang deh!

And di teefing puss dem who not even sound like me who a tek people fi fool and some fool fi bigger fool memba God a watch unnu!

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