Matey unda serious man govament

October 29, 2015


Bragadap Brap Brap!!! Up inna dis like a boss!!! Waa gwaan TamFam?? Big up all a mi Ragashanti Live listeners pon Tambourine Radio ova Straight blessings.

Hear ya now....

Mix-up big up to di woman who a siddung pon a bus up ya inna Obama Lan a New York, an nayly drap dung wen a bredda who a stan up right in front a har suddenly back out him tool an staat shake it up inna har face! She say di way how she frighten, di shock jus mek she bawl out an bax weh di tool! But because it stiff it jus wappi back inna har face! Mi Claat!! Dwl! Soh quick a clock she bax it weh again! An it wappi again. Three time she bax it weh an three time it wappi back inna har face. All dis happen in less dan a minute she seh. Fast Fast!! Afta di third time she jus git up an chuck off him face, an him run offa di bus before di oda passenger dem fully realise wa a gwaan.

People unu can imagine unu siddung inna public bus an man jus' back out him penis inna yuh face jus so?? She shouda bus him head wid har phone! Kmt

Anyways, pree da drama yaw weh smaddy sen mi.


Matey Unda Serious Man Govament



Raga I know of a woman personally who is from Guyana who was a mistress to a wealthy club owner from she was a young woman. He had another complete life with this woman separate from his wife. They had three children one of whom was my best friend. They got everything to their comfort and I mean everything! But there were stipulations to the relationship and very strict ones! The children could not have friends. The wife could not have friends. They could only go to church and school. They could play with all their nice toys at home and enjoy the beautiful house he built for them. The entire family was kept, as in owned by the man. The man never ever left his wife for the mistress. The mistress stayed in the 'relationship' till the man died. They got nothing more than what he had given them already. After he died they migrated to the US. The mistress is now in her 60s and her children in their 30s. They live their life reminiscing on the times they had in Guyana. They all live together and are all single. The mother will not look at another man and has a powerful hold on her children. It's very sad to see. No one is happy in that home.

Ka Ka!! Yuh nuh see di matey mek di selfish dutty man scar har life, an all en up a scar di pickney dem too. Major psychological scars. Dem get messed up bad. Mi woulda call dat Prosperous Slavery: dem have all di trappings a luxury an security, but have no freedom an a wallow inna servitude all fi please di man.

Anyways, man a leggo ya now. Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu same place yah soh nex Thursday. Jus gwaan bless up unu self.


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