Huzzy Sort Out Pap Dung!!

November 05, 2015

Woooooiiiiieeeee!!! Tambourine Family, big up unu good mind self. Bless up all a mi Ragashanti Live listeners pon Tambourine Radio ova TamFamStrong!! An rememba. February 13, 2016, Ragabash Jamaica!! Paaty a goh slap weh!!!

Awright, mek we see wa a gwaan ya now wid da mix-up ya up ya a Obama Lan.

Raga, been married to a Caucasian man for a year, but we been together for four. We would see each other like twice a year, whether it be me going to the States or him coming to Jamaica. When we just started having sex, I felt like he was a black man in a white man's skin. His instrument was of a decent size. The sex was great! I felt so blessed to have found such a wonderful person! He treats me very well, too.

I moved to the States to live with him a year and a half now. We recently had a child. However, over the four years we've been together, I noticed that the sex wasn't as good as it was when we started. He would get hard, and after about five minutes of sex, he would ejaculate and then would be unable to get up again for a second round, no matter what I do.

It's really frustrating because I am a girl who is used to and love me some great sex! We have talked about it and he is always coming up with some excuse, like he needs to get back in shape.

I have never been with another man since we've been together. I didn't see the need to, even though he wasn't performing to my standard anymore. Because I love him so much, I still decided to work with him. I don't want to, but because he hasn't gotten better in bed, I feel like finding someone esle to fulfill my sexual needs. I'm sexually starved!

Raga, the worst part of this man's story is that I found out he has a thing for escorts and strippers. He is always on He has also cheated on me twice, that I know of. All that I found out while searching his phone. He didn't admit to any of it when I confronted him. He lies about the simplest of things and I'm beginning to feel I don't know who I married to. I want to leave him, but I love him, and we have a young child. I don't know what to do.

Now, I'm thinking, how does he perform when he buys sex and he can't perform well when with me? I am wondering if he took some kind of pill the first times we had sex. I cry about it a lot as I try to work things out with him, but deep down, I keep reflecting on all he has done. He keeps saying he is going to change, but he is still reaching out to buy sex. My life is such an emotional roller coaster. I feel he has been like this for the longest while, but because I was living in Jamaica, certain things weren't revealed to me.

Massy mi Massa!! Jah know star! Mi not even know weh fi staat. There's so much here. However, lets focus on the central issue: you not getting "digged and stuffed", you being sexually starved!, while your husband has been cheating on you. And now you're thinking of cheating on him, too.

To be direct, cheating on your cheating husband won't necessarily rehabilitate the problems in your relationship. Those problems might well be bigger and more complicated than sex.

However, if the issue is specifically just you getting some good sex, then I must admit, that problem can potentially be solved through cheating. In other words, if you can find a man other than your husband, then you would be getting the sexual satisfaction you so dearly desire. But, again, this would not be the answer to the larger dysfunctional issues that abound in your union with your husband. So, jus' be careful an memba wen yuh spread yuh bed, yuh gwine haffi sleep pon it.


Awright peeps, man a move ya now. Sen mi unu mix-up an drama dem at Bless up unu self till nex Thursday same place ya soh.

Awright, Road!!

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