No juju, no TV!!

November 12, 2015

Woooooiiiieeeeeee!!!! Waa gwaan TamFam?? Mi deh ya!! Mi deh ya! Mi deh ya!! Mi jus bade an smell good nuh breadclaat!! Waaaiiieeee!! A how mi fresh soh??

Bless up all Ragashanti Live listeners pon Tambourine Radio ova Big up unu self. An large up all Tambourine Radio listeners pon di Ragashanti Facebook page.

Mix-up time.


No juju, No TV


Big up to di bredda weh tek back a propa-propa flat screen TV weh him did gi a goodas ... 'cause him a date har fi 10 months an she nuh run nuh juju. Dawg seh him been a try get some but she keep on a guh roun him. One night him an har deh pon har ends a rinse out nuff feel up an a buss up di gums. Him did feel seh it definitely a goh run da night deh. But wen him try fi move him han down to di goodies she keep on a push it weh.

Bossy jus ask har straight up if she a guh run it or not? She say she nuh ready yet. Bossy seh a 10 months now him an har deh an di relationship solid an him a treat har good an him feel it was more dan time fi dem dweet. But all a dat neva change har mind. She still seh she naa dweet. Missa man jus get mad an say him cyaan bada wid dis an dat him a leave. An while him a leave, widout saying annoda word, di general jus grab di TV an walk right tru di door. An fram dat she neva see him again.


Run weh fram di stress


So yuh have dis woman an har man live togedda wid dem likkle 3-year-old son. Di woman have a job wid di Jamaican government an she a di one weh really a bring een di money an a pay most a di bills. Di man did bring een some food, too, wid some work here an dere, but it nuh constant.

Anyways, di man was a house husband. A him do all a di cleaning, a him do all a di taking care a dem son, bade him, feed him, everything. A him do ALL cooking. Pon top a dat di woman treat him like dog. She wile him up an style him up wicked-wicked. She call him all kind a nasty names an regularly verbally abuse him. Shame him nuff time. She all drape him up an tat him up regularly. Slap him up. All crazy bun she sen on pon him. She tek any man she waan fi sort out an money.

Den after years of all dis a gwaan, outa di blue di man jus disappear! Yup, poof!. Man gone. She search all ova fi him an neva find him. She reported him missing to di police. Days passed, den weeks, den months, an still no man. Jus' she alone an di yute. She reach di point weh she did tink him dead.

A long time later she a reason wid a third party who tell har say har man did married a woman from a small island an him did run weh wid har to har country. Di woman mek some check wid di man relatives an dem confirm seh him did married an run weh fi true. Ms lady get mad an ask him relatives dem fi help har link him soh him can come back. But di relatives dem refused an explain say him say him neva waan fi see har again. Ms lady did haffi accept dat. An jus like dat needa she nor di son eva see dat bwoy again.

Awright, a legomentz ya now. Sen mi unu mix-up dem at See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless.


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