Always make your day a happy one

November 25, 2015


Today is an extra special day my friends. So, cheers! Happy today to you! Yes, today is Wednesday, November 25. That means Christmas is exactly one month away. Can you believe it? But that's not the reason why today is special. No, man, today is just special because, well, it is today. Not yesterday, which is already old news or tomorrow of which we have no assurance. This day is today! And for somebody somewhere, today may be the last day. So it's yes special.

'Every day above ground is a good day'. Yeah, peeps, a good talk that, nuh true? That quote is actually one of my favourite. It sounds simple, but I find it to be a powerfully encouraging and positivity-affirming thought to keep in mind at all times. I'm sure you've heard it. And I'm willing to bet that you have probably repeated it a couple of times, especially if you want to sound wise and philosophical - like I'm doing now!

Some of you younger ones may have heard those words for the first time in the lyrics of the hit song Time of our lives by Pitbull and Neyo. And some of us less younger ones may remember it as a line from the character Mel Bernstein [played by Harris Yulin] in the 1983 movie Scarface. No matter how you got introduced to it though, I'm sure you'll agree with me that it's a statement worth remembering, paraphrasing and repeating.

As old time people say 'man nuh dead, nuh call him duppy'. And since we know we a nuh duppy, we have at least one reason to give thanks and be happy. Psalm 118 verse 24 of in the King James Version of the Bible tells that "this is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."







Yes, give thanks; every day among the living is a good day. Here's the catch though. No matter how beautifully it starts out, a good day can easily turn into a bad day that quickly morphs into the worse day ever. Trouble nuh set like rain. So, in the blink of an eye, some sudden and unexpected catastrophe over which we have no control can quickly develop. And before we can say 'wha dat?' a good-good bashment day just tragically transform into judgment day.

Many times though, we are the ones with the real power to determine the outcome of our day. It's all in our attitude. We have more control than we actually realise when it comes to directing energy and affecting reality. Yes, God make the day and put it down in front of you, but trust me peeps, you have to decide what you do with it. Me? I realise long ago and life reminds me daily that the universe works like a mirror or a boomerang.

Some people call it Karma. And the theory of karma basically rifts on the Newtonian principle that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction.

So whatever we put out is what comes back to us. Yes friend and people, what you be, easily becomes what you see, and vice-versa. I'm putting out positive thoughts and projecting power and prosperity on all who reads this. Yeah, it's like that. Happy midweek vibes to all nice and decent people! I have a couple containers on the wharf with a hundred barrels of love and thousand truck loads of undiluted niceness. I'm sending it right now via text, whatsapp and telepathy. Are you picking up? Collect it and send it on!

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