NWC must do better!

December 07, 2015

Unnu know mi naa hol' my mouth, worse how mi a pay my bill. National Water Commission a weh unnu really a deal wid??!!

Thankfully, the drought has been over, yet there is still unbearable wata shortage! A coulda wah cause dat? How come?! People come home from a hard day at work, food fi cook, clothes fi wash, and bathing fi gwaan and no water!

On some occasions, we might get a tuups a wata, and then it gone fi all three days or the entire week without notice! Mi think it is unconscionable to expect your customers to do without this important commodity for long. Unnu slogan is 'Water is life', so since all a unnu know dat, why is it absent from our pipes for so long, or when it does come, it a trickle, and when we have to pay our bills we can't "trickle" it in to unnu??!! If people inna "town" a experience this, mi heart goes out to all who live a "country" or remote areas.

To how times hard and people haffi out deh a look it, when we come home we should be able to bathe and wash off we skin properly and do all weh we need fi do. There isn't adequate warning as to when the water will be taken away and when it will return.




When yuh call and talk to anybody, all dem can seh is "We're working on it". We get that part, but a like when - date and time - we a go get back water? The work dem eva seem fi a do pon weekend when people a try get dem knix-knax together, so mi haffi wonder if a overtime and time and a half dem a try ketch why we haffi suffer without the water.

There has to be accountability especially when people haffi pay dem bills cause if yuh no pay fi di service, yuh can't get it. So when people a pay dem money, it should never seem like we're begging for something to which we're entitled!


bad service


National Water Commission need fi gwaan better. It is understandable that there will be need for repairs and expansion so there will be lock-offs from time to time, but that bad service should never be your hallmark. Water is so essential, especially in times like these when there are so many bacteria, germs, and all kinda krebe krebe on the loose!

Handwashing and sanitising are what will help to keep people from getting sick. We haffi can wipe out, wash out, and clean out so we keep healthy and strong. An mek mi be clear, mi naa bash the NWC because they have provided many with the priceless commodity, however, not because yuh mek two step forward mean seh yuh fi mek 20 steps backward.

A nuh everybody can afford fi buy tank, an' all when you have one it should only be used when necessary, not as the main source when you a pay di main bill! And no matter how the water absent or a trickle, the bill a come with full force same way. How comes?

Water is life, and so we need it inna we pipe!!!

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