'Tis the season for giving, not just getting

December 28, 2015


The way di Christmas busy is like we import some people fi full up the plaza and the store dem! No, sah! Di way di place ram like dancehall, it literally took hours to navigate the streets of Kingston!

It's like you were on your way to Ochi or Westmoreland without leaving the Coperate Area! Mi glad seh this year nobody breast neva get bite off fi "di cake" that seems so smartly priced!

Mi love how di foreigner dem come and a enjoy our beautiful island, and it was wonderful to observe families bonding and celebrating in harmony.

The love, unity, and warmth shown at this time of the year have a ripple effect, which encourages goodwill. We need some a dat fi trickle over into the New Year so that it can filter through to our beautiful island.

I find that there are many persons who are merely concerned with what they can dig and scrape for themselves from others. They are the ones that will take and take some more without ever considering how they can give back to persons who have helped them.

Many are opportunists who only "rally roun" when they need something for their benefit. Then there are those who keep a permanent pity party as a guise fi get tings from people.

We are all aware that everybody faces hardship at some point in their lives, and nothing is wrong with asking for help, but if that is the hallmark of your existence, then something is drastically wrong with that.

We seem to have a subculture that encourages people to "scam" and "hustle" each other and think it's something to be proud of. A idiot ting dat!


depraved minds


Only small, depraved minds conceive such treachery! If there are people who look out for you and deal wid yuh good, it is only fair that you reciprocate. If somebody a yuh friend who go hard fi you, yuh supposed to go hard for them.

Someone typically buys you lunch at work, yuh can buy one to at some point. If yuh have a boss who treat yuh good, yuh fi treat, yuh boss good. After all, a dem mek yuh can have a job.

Some people, yuh never tell dem thanks yet, and yet dem always inna wants and needs and have more problem than weh John read bout pon di Isle of Patmos! Dem never can give a helping hand or an encouraging word to help someone else.


'braggadocious' acts


It's not always the big 'braggadocious' acts of kindness that are needed, even though mi love dem kind deh, but a di kindness from the heart fi show seh yuh care.

Some a dem a wonder why dem back against the wall because there is power and blessing in giving.

Mi naa tell yuh fi help people and help down yourself, but some people not even gi weh prayers. We need to stop watching weh people have as an indication of whether they want or need something. It can't be about sucking people dry and abusing dem kindness while yuh tek an a laugh.


nation of beggars


We need to step away from being a nation of beggars to a nation of givers and our blessings will multiply. Yuh can't kill the goose weh lay the golden egg, so it is important to give and nurture that person or situation that has been good to you.

Kindness may not come from the person whom you've given to, but sometimes all a stranger can do something or a door open fi yuh based on a kind act that you did before.

As 2015 draws to a close, it has mixed reviews. However it was, let us try to welcome 2016 with hope, gratitude, and positivity.

I wish for all my fans, supporters, and well-wishers a very productive and prosperous new year!

Unnu know mi love unnu like cook food so mi just want unnu bless unnu nice clean self All the best, and nuff more tings deh fi talk inna di new year! Lalalalalalalalalala!!

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