2016 - Let's make Jamaica better!

January 04, 2016

Mi good, nice, clean people how oounu do? Before mi seh anodder wud mek mi wish fi di whole ah oonuh, family, friends and everybody else a happy new year and the best fi di year.

A special shout fi mi fans dem whether oonuh inna Jamaica, Atlanta or even Iraq! Mi really appreshelove the support and mi feel truly humbled by it. Mi hope seh oonuh dream dem wi come true - if not all ah dem even one important one! Mi caan believe it! 2016 come already! No sah!!! It seem like only yesterday we did ah worry bout 2015 and the various problem weh deh pon wi!

Again, as has become customary, a new year presents a chance for a number of things including the following: reflection; correcting some of the wrongs of the past year; planning for the year and beyond including setting goals/targets and/or the traditional "resolutions".

Although there were some positives for Jamaica last year there were many things that gave cause for serious concern. These included the increase in murders; the poor state of our health system which resulted in the deaths of many infants; the number of deaths due to motor vehicle accidents; the abuse and murder of our children; and the harsh economic constraints felt by many.


much corruption


Seriously though! In spite ah de beauty ah de "land of wood and water" sometime mi haffi wonder how so many ah wi wicked so?! Why so much corruption deh bout inna every nook and cranny ? Why wi haffi ah kill, rape and teef when mi know seh anno so nuff ah we grow up? Ah wha do wi so ? Father good and great God if yuh no busy look pon Jamaica and help us to understand and appreciate that we are a blessed island and people.


our culture


I am urging ALL my fellow Jamaicans to do his or her part to make a positive difference this year. Down to the Jamaican puss and dawg mi want see a hol' a par in di streets. This is especially true because dis year a leap year and we know according to our culture many predict doom and gloom; but we bind up all crasses and send dem to the pit of hell! We a speak positive, act positive and live positive so more prosperity can abide wid we!

This year I would like to see several things happen in Jamaica to set us on a better path. Things like more investment in Jamaica from local and overseas people - especially Jamaicans - so that things can improve. This "investment" should not be money alone but emotional and spiritual commitment to make the place better and bring back some of the "... good old days". As an extension to the aforementioned, significant growth in the economy so that more jobs can be generated to make lives easier for more people.

This will also help to reduce crime and violence as, in the past, various stakeholders have confirmed that it is the absence of jobs that have led to "idle hands" turning to crime as a way to survive. I want Jamaicans having a greater sense of identity and self. This includes pride in being black, cutting out the bleaching, respecting and loving each other. At the end of the day our motto says "Out of many, one people".


major incident


From 2015 everybody a wait with bated breath fi di general election call and mi hope a dat it will be done quickly so that the country can settle down and have some stability. Hopefully, this will not be violent or with any major incident to blight our image any further cause we can't take no upheaval right now.

The people dem weh a seh dem no care about voting I hope that by the time the election call you will reconsider because sitting on the sideline and complaining not going to help. We have to ensure those who we vote to lead us live up to their responsibilities and just like how we vote dem in we can vote dem out. The power lies with us - the people.

Onnu tek care ah oonuh self goody, watch out fi di mad people dem pan di street and di criminal dem especially di scammers! If mi love oonuh one more time!

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