Star athlete and him bladder

January 07, 2016

Wooooiiieeeee!!!! Happy, Happy, Happy, New Year, TamFam!!!! Big up unuh good, good self inna di bran new 2016 yah. Unu awright? A hope suh enuh.

Bless up all a mi Ragashanti Live listeners pon di big bad Tambourine Radio ova - the most listened Jamaican online radio station, straight!!

Gully Bop, big-up yuh self deejay. Hear wah mi a say fi di 2016, mi waan yuh call a locksmith and mek him change all a yuh lock dem to di one dem weh use keys.

NUH MORE PADLOCKS roun' ere!!!! NO PADLOCKS!!! An tap frighten fi woman who have likkle brown skin and can probably dash out dem juju good-good. Yuh a star now mi general, suh yuh fi staat govan yuh ting like a general.

Lady Saw, it stink a road say yuh a guh open church and dat yuh a guh be di pastor. Mi TamFammers dem send mi a bag questions bout how yuh a guh get qualified fi be a pastor. Of course, mi mek dem know say dere is no way I'm qualified to ansa dem deh question deh.

Mi tell dem di best person fi ansa dem question deh is you. Suh mi sen dem to yuh Twitter handle, true mi know yuh always ova deh. Bless up yuh self, and mi wish yuh all di best inna yuh spiritual pursuits. Nuff love.

Awright, see two likkle piece a drama ya fi unu pree.


Star athlete and him bladder


Raga, I have a very close friend, big sport star, and he had a girlfriend of one year. One day, he drank nuff water during a workout and went to her home, showered and went to bed.

I guess he was extra tired and was in a deep sleep, and he woke up to a screaming female!! Raga, why this man piss up the whole bed and the girlfriend!! Him say she soak because dem did cuddle up. She was so upset even afta she made him buy her a new mattress. They eventually broke up because she couldn't get ova it. Some people just can't get over some things.


Raised her on my own



Raga, I have a daughter she is now 18. Her father and I broke up when she was seven years old. I was angry, hurt and disappointed, but I never tried to get back at him. He did me dirty, Raga, but I held my own and raised my daughter without a dime from him.

My daughter is now in college and working. The one good thing he did was give me a car. I say it's good because I gave that car to his daughter.

I never one day bashed him to his child, I just get up every day and put one foot before the other and pretend he was dead. Over the years he never spoke to his child and had no relationship with her.

Early 2015, he tried to get in contact with me through an old mutual friend. I told her not to give him my number, but give him his daughter's number.

He called her and they have been communicating, which I encourage because although he did me dirty when we were together, he was good to me and he was a good father who played an active role in her life. I will never take that from him.

A lot of times he calls my daughter's phone and she doesn't answer, and I'm the one who pushes her to call him and tell her to try to have some kind of relationship with him.

I never took him to Child Support Court or fight him to contribute to his child. We were together for seven years and it wasn't an overnight relationship, so I don't feel like I need to force him to be a part of his child's life.

Congratulations on doing an amazing job raising your child without her father's support for so many years. I wish you both great prosperity and blessings for the 2016 and beyond. Love and respect.

Awright peeps, leggomentz ya now. Link mi wid unu drama dem at See unuh nex Thursday same place yah suh.

Happy New Year!!!!


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