Gov't must fix bad gas issue!

January 25, 2016

When Ding Dong seh "Gas" mi know him neva a talk bout di bad gas weh decend pon we and we vehicle dem! When mi hear the word gas mi a think bout movement, pushing forward and progress!

Mi neva pick bad gas weh ago mash up people vehicle, stall dem livelihood and cause a "backup" inna di system! Di people dem just fling the bad gas pon we without warning and all now people are being adversely affected by it. From public passenger to private owners, from di luxury vehicle to di "regular" car di bad gas no pardon a soul! Jamaica well bless and everyting but if yuh constitution no strong fi can deal wid the myriad of problems weh deh yah, yuh belly end up full a pure "gas"!

Every weh people ah complain seh dat dem car, bike, bus, truck ah mash up because dem fuel injector, spark plug, radiator, battery and all dem windshield wiper get soak! Doan surprise if even bicycle man dem turn up with a complaint!! The extent of the damage is far reaching and continues to spread like wildfire.


held accountable


Seriously, however, this is an issue that must be investigated properly and the parties responsible held accountable. The roles of a number of entities must be examined carefully, the government, the Bureau of Standards, Petrojam, overseas, oil suppliers, local dealers et al. The repercussions for the economy and citizens are potentially very high if there is no resolution. This is crucial to prevent a recurrence of this situation. Pretty talk and sit down inna office inna A/C and bow-tie naa help a soul! Pointing fingers and just speculating naa help not a body! We have to get to the source of the matter and stop pussyfooting around it. Mi no know if a spite or wah because when the gas did sky high it did alrite and as soon as the price start to fall bad gas was unleashed on us! Conspiracy?!




The issue of whether or not the BSJ/Government should name the stations which have been supplying the tainted commodity has been contentious. Bearing in mind the laws of defamation and not wanting to bankrupt a gas station or bring down nobody business, what is wrong if it is clearly established that certain gas stations have been selling bad gas? Isn't there a responsibility to the people? Anno like a lie nobody a tell pon dem! Yes the argument is whether they were knowingly selling the bad gas but doing it deliberately or blindly still no seh yuh neva do it. The citizens need to be protected and if it can be proven that bad gas was being sold then they need to be warned and made aware.




As it relates to justice and a course of redress how it ago go? So the person whose vehicle was severely damaged, livelihood affected, additional expenses incurred ... who is going to compensate those persons? We can't just consider the "big man" pocket alone we haffi think about di "small man" pocket too! Although wi know seh when a gas station close and people nuh see nuh bizniz ah gwaan dem ago guess and spell but still .... we must make sure that those affected are dealt with properly and the process must be expedited so that people can press on with their normal lives. Big coperations and companies who think they can hide behind bureaucracy and loop holes should be held accountable for any wrong doing.

People must be prudent and ensure that they get receipts (for gas and repairs) in order to prove their losses so that they can be compensated. Get a receipt from the gas station, with the time that you purchased the gas and the name of the attendant and get then to sign! Yuh cyaa go a court if yuh no have evidence! Try and tek gas consistently from one place so that you can easily trace a weh yuh pick up the bad gas. Mi like how the minister jump pon it but now mi need fi see the "jump" translate into meaningful compensation and strong reprimand. Mi no inna no "Bad Gas Inquiry" weh ago drag out fi years! We need quick action like now!! Vroom vroom we ready fi drive out cause no bad gas naa hol we back!!

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