Permanent matey

February 04, 2016

Woooiiieeee!!! Waa gwaan. TamFam?? Mi deh ya inna Obama Lan a hol' it same way. Big up all Tambourine Radio listeners ova

Election a fahwud!! Mi jus glad how fram wah day a bare peaceful an' virtually problem-free election we a have. Mi waan everybaddy gwaan hol' di flex same way. Comrades support PNP fully, Labourites lock it same way fi di JLP, an' everybaddy show love to everybaddy regardless a which party dem a medz.

Awright, unu pree dem mix-up ya:

Bellyful swiper

Raga, three years ago, I was dating a man. After a few months, we started doing the things. He likes to swipe. The second time he was swiping me he stopped and let out one big belch!! Raga, I couldn't see him after that.

Waaaiiieee!!! Nooo Sah! Weh yuh say, bossy a sen on di swipe an' jus' reel out a big belch? Why? Yuh did a full him belly? Dwl. Dem say a good food mek people belch loud enuh. So big up yuh gummy-gummy. When gyal good, gyal good. It look like yuh good-good did rest noice pon him stomach. Yuh need fi buss him again man cause suppose him out deh hungry?? Yuh need fi feed di needy.

Wife move mystic

Bossy, bless up. Mi waan big up mi ex-wife. Yuh know say mi deh yah a Jamaica swear say we still married till mi buck up pon her a marry a next man on a website to claat! Did mash me up still, but mi get pass it now cause mi a boy who always a do road!! By the way, mi waan make yuh know say a me alone never know.

Jah know star! An' to tink a pon di Internet yuh find out yuh wife divorce yuh an married smaddy else. Cause I'm assuming she manij fi get a divorce without you knowing, right? A hope so.

Gwaan hol a strength mi don.

Permanent matey

Raga, my fren is the original side chick. She is a side chick for about 20 years. She has a daughter with the guy who is 18 years old. She met him years ago when he was and still the top man. He got married to someone who he met after her. He has several women along with her because of his lifestyle. She gets no holidays. Her child only sees him once awhile. However, he does provide for the child. Her daughter only sees her siblings when she goes to Jamaica to his mom's house.

I had to ask her if he should leave his wife would she stay with him? She says no. She doesn't want that type of responsibility. We, meaning her friends, have tried to show her that she deserves better, but, in her words, he bought her a house, a BMW and all bills are paid, and for her to leave him she has to find someone who is giving her more than what she is getting and she is happy with that. Raga, she is a beautiful woman, who has men going crazy over her, but this one holds her heart.

Hey, she happy wid har matey status. If she happy, den lowe har.

Awright mi peeps, leggomentz ya now. Sen mi unuh mix-up dem at

An do remember RAGABASH KINGSTON, Oneil's Place, February 20, A Grown an Sexy Crazy Party!! Tun Ova!!

Bless up unu self.


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