Keep the election civilised!

February 08, 2016


The trumpet has sounded and everybody inna election mode yah now! Sister P made the big announcement in Half-Way Tree.

Those of us who couldn't manage the massive crowd watched on TV fi hear the date and when February 25 was announced as 'D-Day' there was a collective sigh of relief!

Whole heap a people did a speculate as to the date! De vibes inna Half-Way Tree when di prime minister fly de gate did reach fever pitch.

All de pastor who pray start fi mek speech fi di comrade dem!! He has since come under heavy criticism for 'preaching' in favour of one political party.

Whether PNP, Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) or any odder 'P', the 'P' dem me want Jamaicans fi focus pon a Progress, Prosperity and People! Mi no care if a he, she or di old lady want inna di seat of power as long as the country and we the people a benefit.

As long as opportunities for growth and development are given to all and we able fi fend fi we self and stop depend pon handout!

Some people seh dem no like talk politics or get involve but it is important to have an informed view and opinion, so whether you decide fi vote or not at least you know why. We mustn't take democracy lightly.

Many people in the world don't have the opportunity to choose or decide who lead them and it is a constitutional right that we must treasure.

The power rests with the people and so we must know how fi leverage that for our benefit. A lot of gains have been made by the country in the staging of general elections especially in the past two decades.

This has been so exemplary that Jamaican election officials have been asked to assist other countries in handling their election affairs. So mek we continue keep the peace, vote and live good.

Mi see a picture on social media with Edward Seaga holding Portia hand an me a seh watch deh, after all is said and done if they can be friends at the top we need fi be friends at the base!

One thing we must seriously consider are the pros and cons of having a fixed election date so that it is not left to the whim and fancy of political leaders. People want to know that come hell, heaven or high water, election a go call at a certain time.

Others have said that the government of the day needs the flexibility to be able to call the specific date because it already set seh election haffi call every five years.

Seriously, we have come a long way from the debauchery and the judgment of the 1980s and mi hope Jamaica can continue on this civilised path though we still have a lot of work to be done.

So the leaders and party supporters kindly heed the call fi deh pon unnu best behavior because the world is watching. We can be of different party persuasion and still have love and respect for each other.

Don't get caught up in the political silly season because after all is said and done we haffi still go look it in order to put food on the table.

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