Getting caught in the Valentine's Day hype

February 15, 2016


Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet but not like you!

A nuff lyrics, engagement ring and tears drop yesideh, and mi know a whole heap a people heart come down when dem realise seh Valentine's Day drop pon Sunday and not a week day, so the stress of getting a gift at work no deh pon dem dah year yah!

Valentine's Day can put so many people under stress and inna pure problem. Ah stress fi prove to other people seh yuh have smaddy, too, and that someone loves you.

It's also hard to find 'the one' and if they can't be found, they are invented!

A nuff people send themself gift and a gwaan like a Mr or Mrs Right do it when anno so it go! Valentine's anno fi just romantic love alone ... if yuh no have no man or woman, share love with a good friend, mother, father, sister or anyone else that is near and dear to you.

Nuff people suck salt through wooden spoon fi buy big gift fi impress a man or woman who don't even love and appreciate dem and would never treat someone who has shown them love to something nice!

We haffi careful how we get caught up inna di Valentine's Day hype a year time because Valentine bring out di vulture inna some people. Dem inna yuh life and not adding any value to it and expect the biggest present and di most! For some ole termite, it's not about loving the other person, it's all about weh dem can scam fi go tek picture and put pon Facebook and Instagram.

Dem have so many stipulation and requirements and if yuh ask dem what dem give, dem can't even move dem top lip fi tell yuh!

Nuff people nowadays inna love and relationship fi see wah dem can scam and scrape! Dem all fi demself!

Nobadda talk 'bout di stingy man dem who no want spend a dolla pon dem woman 'cause dem pocket tight like shoes lace! To how dem mean dem a seh dem no believe inna Valentine's Day, just so dem no haffi buy dem woman nutten!

Some a dem go as far as fi pick a war di week before and stay weh and den want come look back friend afterwards. But any man malice yuh fi Valentine's try mek dem know it haffi gwaan til Christmas! Some a dem a wicked!

Big up to all who got engaged pon Valentine's Day, mi loike it! To all the men who have stepped up to do the honourable thing and the women who deserve it!

'Cause some a unnu know seh unnu no deserve not even a popcorn ring 'cause unnu have the people dem son name pon parchment paper and a bun dark candle fi him when him gone a work!

Somebody got engaged four months after she meet the man. Smaddy weh deh wid fi har man fi 15 years and have two pickney a go seh dat too quick. So mi ask her if is a life sentence she want the girl do like she before di man engage her! Because, if after 15 years of giving it up and doing it all ... back flip and pedal and wheel and still no ring, who are you fi judge what is too quick?

Sometime a quick action a dweet, mi naa wuk fi no long service award! In many cases, it's not the quantity of time but the quality of time that truly matters.

It is important, though, that we live and treat each other like every day is Valentine's Day, loving and respecting yourself so that you can extend it to others, especially those you love.

We must remember that gifts are great - and mi love mi diamonds and mi nice clean gifts dem - but it is also imperative that we treat each other with respect.

Gifts alone won't make you truly happy. Love from yuh heart and live pure. And if yuh no have di right person, gwaan pray and hold di faith!

All di best and one love!

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