Mumma want har dawta man!

February 18, 2016

Wooooiiieee!!! Waa gwaan TamFam?? Bless up all Tambourine Radio listeners. Big up unu self. TamFam rememba Saturday it's all about RAGABASH KINGSTON, at Oneil's Place, 33 Hagley Park Road.....a Crazy Grown an Sexy party!! Unu roll out an come party TamFam (Tambourine Family) style...wid mi Ragashanti, Noah Powa, Polish King Midas, DJ Hypeness fram New York, DJ Cris Cross, DJ Remix, DJ Vaughan, an dutty Richie Feelings!! Party Slap Weh aready!! Mek sure yuh de deh!!

Awright, mixup time:

Ok, Raga, how do I start? I'm 19, my boyfriend is 27 and my mother is 47. Before me and my boyfriend got in a relationship we were friends, including my mother. He would come over my house and I would go over his because we were neighbours.

But people always assumed him and my mother was in a relationship. Then rumours were spreading saying he was taking the both of us, but that was a lie.

Now last year one piece a drama come down because he liked me during the four years we knew each other, but I would always turn him down and say I don't want someone that old. But I decided to go ahead and take a chance with him.

Me say, Raga, who tell me to do that? My mother get vex and a say me know say she did like him. She all call me father a tell him bout she a go put me out and bout me take her man and a walk a tell the whole neighbourhood say me is this and that. She all a tell mi boyfriend that him must not talk to me cause him break her heart.

He was like, how can I break your heart and I didn't even know u liked me? And why all of a sudden as I'm talking to your daughter you acting up and all along I was here with other women and you didn't say anything? She ansa bout she was scared.

Raga, you know say she also did tell one a him friend them, and the friend tell her bout him will help har get him if she give him some first, but I don't know if she did.

But, Raga, we had a hard fight all move me move out one time cause it's like she don't want to even feed me, and complain if me eat any of her food. So me go live with him. Then she a complain say him don't want me and him don't want no one. A lot of times we over him yard she a disturb us and most times we don't answer. She walk and cuss bout him brainwash me and turn me against her. Now I'm in the States and we are still together and I'm hoping to see him this year. I love him and I really don't want anything to come between us even tho we get a lot of fight especially for our age difference.

Under no circumstances yuh 47 years old mada shoulda a vex wid you har 19 years old daughter ova yuh 27 years old man. Yuh mumma cyaliss!!

Hear wa, a leggomentz ya now.

Sen mi unu mixup den at See unu same place yah soh nex Thursday.


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