Both parties must learn from the election

February 29, 2016

The calm weh mi did a expect after the political storm no seem no where in sight because the trumpet sound and the bell ring and it come in like smaddy a try pop out the tongue outta di bell so the trumpet can sound again!

Based on the narrow margin of victory and subsequent regaining of a seat in the recount mi get fi understand seh a whole heap a people haffi a walk wid toilet paper because it can still swing anyway!! Many are hopeful, nuff a pray, some a look bout dem lawyer money because the country could be facing a constitutional crisis!

By law there has to be a recount but many are suspicious of the process which has also fuelled anger and disenchantment in some persons. Some a seh fi just lef it alone like how di Labourite dem win and others a seh no di Comrade dem fi see it through til di bitter end and if a dem fi win then by right a dem fi win! So right about now some have one foot in while others have one foot out! Some a pack an a look back at the office while others a run towards the office but haffi slow down! Very interesting days are ahead of Jamaica land we love.


partisan politics


This election has created a paradigm shift in the way elections are conducted and has placed the power in the hands of the people. This election has shown many politicians that a seat in government or in Gordon House is not an entitlement but one that should be earned. People nuh too frighten fi name and association like one time, a issues people a deal wid and they want to know how policies ago impact their lives.

Arguably there are some who will always engage in partisan politics but one thing is sure if people feel disrespected they are going to use their vote fi mek dem feelings known. The arrogant, egotistic, dogmatic days of political high handedness a come to an end because nuff a di same "articulate minority" a get involved and a influence others fi get involved!


hardworking people


The low voter turn out and the close margin of victory is sending a message to both sides of the political divide ... no "safe seat" no too deh again and "safe seat" alone cyaa mek yuh win an election. Mi know when di box dem a come in and nuff who did complacent and think dem have it lock haffi send go buy medicine fi try ease the pressure! This is a time of introspection for both parties to understand and appreciate that it will not be business as usual.

The people of Jamaica are demanding more and we deserve more! The people should be the "P" of significance and all decisions made should be made in our benefit and for our advancement. Mi naa talk di grazmite dem weh a look handout and fi ride politican coat tail mi a talk the well thinking hardworking people of Jamaica.

Mi glad how di violence never get outta hand and the few incidents weh mi hear bout were contained and quashed quickly. Mek mi big up all the members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the Jamaica Defence Force and all the Election Day workers who gave of themselves so that we were able to exercise our Constitutional right to vote! Congratulations to all the Members of Parliament who retained or won their seat. I do hope that the work will continue so that the lives of the people who put you there will improve. An try memba if unnu grind unnu valve come di next time around unnu will get vote out too!

Both the PNP and JLP have lessons to learn from this election and I do hope that whichever way di pendulum swing (cause it still a swing) the victory will not just be for the political party but for the people! Running Jamaica is a partnership where all hands must be on deck for his to move forward. We no want no bench warmer who only come around near election time, we would like to see men and women who are delivering on what they promised.

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