Now the real test begins!

March 07, 2016


After all the pump and pageantry at the swearing-in ceremony at King's House di real work and test starts now.

Many persons are speculating about who will be getting ministerial positions in this new government. Some a wonder if dem too old fi di cabinet and ago end up inna di breakfront or if dem too young and ago end up pon di dresser!

Some a wonder if the PM's wife ago in deh too like how she win her seat and many persons just want a cabinet of ministers that are willing to put in the work.

Mi naa tell no lie though the style and fashion dem weh mi see a di swearing-in tun up! Some were just outright hilarious and others mek yuh jus' want roll a grung! People dress up inna dem finest ... the new wig dem, frock, suit and boot tun up well loud! Some a di woman dem a step high like puss pon hot brick and a gwaan wid a crocus bag a tings.

One ting wid Jamaicans when we hear bout event weh we fi step out clean we cleaner than a washing machine! Mi see a man him inna one likkle tuups a tie and one woman inna one bandelero hat weh did a block di people dem behind her from see! The intent look pon her face yuh can see seh a from Bustamante time she deh bout! No sah! Di persons in attendance were jubilant.


galvanise support


Mi did like the tone of the ceremony. Nothing braggadocious and haughty. Instead it was sober, short and sweet. Some people a seh the Prime Minister should have made some more salient points in his speech to further encourage and galvanise support for his mandate. Others were of the view that it was exactly what was needed and delivered with ease and sincerity.

The high point for many a when di big man Nesbeth come out wid him big bad tune! Then when Mr Holness joined him on stage an a sing all two line outta di song that was memorable. Even though mi no too long born mi cyaa remember that kind of vibe at a swearing in ceremony!

I liked the fact that the Portia Simpson-Miller was on stage as a show of solidarity and respect. Which bring mi to mi next point...there have been some rather disgusting and distasteful remarks about our former prime minister which mek mi cross as a woman and as a human being. People are well within their right to criticise her leadership style or how she do her job but when the blows become scathing and personal it no call for!

Mi see dem a try yah now wid di PM's wife and her "blue skirt suit" that she wore at the swearing-in. To some it was not flattering and though that may be true fi a compare di lady to a cylinder is deprecatory and uncalled for! Mi no join dat and wah can bun mi if we coulda see some a di critics dem and how dem look and how dem dress dem woulda fit in well inna any Jonkunu festival!




We all can critique without dragging people through di mud and try bury dem! Sometimes people so busy a tear down others and don't even realise seh in essence dem a discriminate against dem own mother, granny, sister or friend! We won't always approve of everything our leaders do or say ... or even weh dem wear but criticisms can be levied with respect. We can talk di tings but do so in a capsule of decency!

The way di swearing in hot all the "veteran" gentleman figet di words of the National Anthem! Di boss gi we a pon di spot remix and den him look pon di paper and catch back himself! Mi naa go kill him fi it though our National Anthem is to be treated with reverence and respect and if you ago step out pon dem stage deh yuh haffi rehearse but I think it was a honest mistake. Anyone could err due to illness, fatigue or just a lapse in memory so we naa go go too hard pon "Mr. Mac"!

Anyways people tek care and walk good.

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