Mi love yuh man, him love us both!

March 10, 2016

Wooooiiiiieeeee!!! Waa gwaan TamFam?? Unu good? Bless up all Tambourine Radio and Ragashanti Live listeners. Big up unu self.

Koo yah!! Wat a piece a drama wid di election. Jah know star ... a bare sitin. Di closest election eva, 32 to 31. Mi deh ya a pree di runnings an it cross mi mind say di excitement nuh done wid di razor thin results, it may well be di case dat di rae-rae jus a goh staat wen parliament need fi get tings done. Cause hear ya, a tink yuh MUS haffi inna Parliament fi yuh vote count. Wid di ruling party having to pick di speaker of di House dat mean each party a goh have di same amount a voting MPs ... 31. Dat also mean if every MP votes along party lines di speaker of di house will always have di deciding vote. Usually di speaker of di House is not an appointment politicians want ... but it is now likely that for di first time ever di speaker of di house is going to be a highly sought after position due to the powerful importance he or she will have in deciding what happens in Parliament. Wooooiiiiieeee!!! Mi cyaan wait fi see who Andrew appoint inna di position.

An if each MP mus' be in Parliament fi vote, wa a goh happen wen a MP sick?? Wa a goh happen wen a MP tek too much Viagra fi sort out an it mash him up an him cyaan reach Parliament?? Wa a goh happen wen MPs have to travel? Like di minister of foreign affairs, who, for obvious reasons, haffi goh travel nuff?? Wa a goh happen if, say, a MP get inna a car accident? Or cyaan reach Parliament cause dem haffi deal wid an emergency? Wa a goh happen wen MPs a tek people man or a tek people woman an inna all kinda passa passa an know say dem one vote can mek di difference fi spite smaddy else?? Drama!! Well ... potentially, we jus' haffi wait an see.

Anyways, unu pree dem two mixup ya:


Facebook Problems


Raga, it's really getting annoying to meet a man on social media and all he can talk about is how he wants to taste you. I don't mind the fact that more men are getting into the oral sex, but what happen to the days when they were discreet with those type of movements? What happen to those men that use to say they don't do the ting, when in actuality dem ah nyam it like Sunday dinner? SMH! Stop it! And why do these girls keep taking pictures of themselves with their hair done, nails done, everything done and a dutty background. Clean your house before you start taking pictures, nasty gyal. Mi ignorant fi dem.


Matey a mi Enemy


Raga, my enemy is my matey. I am sleeping with her husband. My gift to her would be a real feel dildo so that she don't have no feelings fi the man when him go home ... so I can get it all. She's annoying and she keep on a call call mi phone as if she a the sidechick and not the wife. Lady calm u nerves an love u man. Go take off him tattoo name off u titi so u can stop stress u self out. All mi a get is a little sort out. Sharing is caring baby, but if u no agree just wait fi my gift of the real feel dildo and stop call mi blaaasstid phone! Stay in u lane if u r considered wife, or else I might just happen to take your title honey, not because u shape like alcohol bottle a no my fault, hun. Love yourself baby girl cause mi love u man and him love both of us ... kisses girl.


Ms Lady ... wat a way yuh a tek di woman husband an brite an facety wid it eeh???

Anyways ppl, a leggomentz ya now. Sen mi unu drama dem at ragashanti@ragashanti.com. See unu same place yah soh nex Thursday. Bless up unu self.


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