Know your worth, choose wisely

March 14, 2016

Di man or woman who yuh choose as your mate can make or break you! Your choice can either elevate you, or bring yuh down inna hole, so we have to be very careful of the person with whom you share your dreams and aspirations because some a dem bad mind yuh unda di quiet!

Some people who yuh deh wid only come fi "cream" offa yuh, see wah dem can beg, thief, and borrow! If yuh eva lef yuh self careless dem nyam yuh outta house and home! Dem come wid dem ulterior motive fi scrape and build themselves out of your resovoir of love and kindness, and leave you feeling depleted. Nuff time di Lucifer dem profess love, but that is just to help facilitate the lies and pretence.

Anno love dem love yuh, dem love what you can do for them and what they can get. Dem a ole dutty opportunist! They are loyal to themselves and their agenda, so yuh haffi keep yuh eyes open and be keen.


different reasons


Many times there are red flags that are overlooked for different reasons. Some because him "one eye serpent" tun up, or him body good, or him have swag or whatever hold he may have.

Other times di black widow spider dem hard fi detect because they have mastered the art of selling a lie! Some a dem a walk a beat dem chest bout dem hard-working, and dem naa talk how much woman dem nyam out, rob, use, abuse, and con fi have dem tings! Mi know dem file!

Some man weh mi see a dis and a tek libaty wid people gal pickney hurt every fibre inna mi body! Some a dem no have class, colour, nor texture and yet dem want ill-treat woman. And not that a man wid class, colour, or texture have di right fi disrespect either, but mi know unnu know wah mi mean! Some a dem fi gweh! Some man weh don't even graduate from basic school want pass dem place! Fadda good an great God!

It is imperative that, especially as women, we know our worth and have a line that is not to be crossed, and if the line is crossed then there will be consequences to pay. Yuh dignity and yuh pride can't be so low that it's in the dirt where every man can walk over you and do as he pleases. Sometimes, it's hard to let go, but nuff time a di best ting coulda happen to yuh! More time yuh haffi get rid of "Mr Wrong" so "Mr Right" can come in! If yuh keep Mr Wrong around, he's only gonna further stifle your potential and stunt yuh growth! Believe inna yuhself, love yourself, and know that God will send someone loving and kind.


'crasses' people


Love is not poisonous ... love nuh ugly! Dis go fi di man dem too because some a unnu have some Jezebel and Delilah inna unnu life weh unnu need fi pray out!

Your choice of partner affects your life because we sometimes unconsciously adopt the mindset and lifestyle of the person we're with. Chances are that if yuh partner on the road to "nowhere" yuh need fi jump off a di bus and go "elsewhere"! We no haffi accept no mediocre crasses people inna we life jus' fi seh we deh wid smaddy! Strength doesn't come overnight, but it is important to do justice to yourself and to your happiness. We all make mistakes, but it is important that we learn from the "duppy show relationship" dem and make better choices!

Awake ... Rise Up ... Know your worth and choose wisely! Brighten your day.

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