Player get ketch pon Facebook!

March 17, 2016

Brap Brap Bragadap Brap Brap Brap! Waa gwaan TamFam? Big up unu good-good self fram ova ya inna Obama Lan. Bless up all Tambourine Radio and Ragashanti Live listeners. Nuff blessings.

Awright, mi nuh inna nuh one bag hitching. Se di mixup dem ya:

So my Facebook mixup ended not so good. But thank God fi Fassbook (LOL). I found out my boyfriend had a baby shower with his supposed to be ex-wife! Raga, when mi see it I went in full investigation mode. He went missing a couple weeks before this shower, but he told me he had to clear his mind and needed time to himself. Raga, if I didn't see this on Facebook I would have never known. The mixup is even deeper. I found out he was also messing with this other girl and a whole bag of things. He had the nerve to call me, 'bout he wants to explain and that he didn't know she was preggo, and if me move on already? Some of these men need fi go chuck off, them too wicked, always want one bag a woman SMH ... Women follow your gut feelings! This hurt could have been caught much earlier. You live and learn. Have a bless day.


Husban' a hitch wid funds, sort out


Good afternoon to you, sir! So I have this problem that I really can't handle because it's so unusual to me. I'm involved with a married man for the past five months. Everything was going on good until recently when I asked him to help me with getting an outfit for a funeral. He did not. First time ever asking him for anything! Raga, the man tell me say him don't have any money and that I have more money than him. He said that he don't carry cash he only uses credit cards, and also that his wife will know if he uses his credit for something else other than the norm! Raga, all now me confused, bcaz me never hear this yet! All the time me a deh with man never come across this yet! So now I'm asking should I let him go or try and work with him? I need money and me nuh think this a go work!

Why would he cheat if he has nothing to offer? What kinda a woman him really talk to? Anyways, just in my thoughts!

We never have sex, just foreplay and I give him hand jobs which he really loves. Reason why we haven't had sex is bcaz he makes excuses about not liking hotels bcaz of bed bugs and all the foolishness, including that his car is too small ... etc. Who doesn't like car sex? That no make sense to me. I seriously believe he just wants to come into my house with his mean self but me nuh want him in a my house, reason being I have my man who lives in Jamaica and my kids know him. He wud come to visit from time to time so that's a no no! Raga, this man is very nice and charming but not giving me anything... I can't deal with that. We nah av sex, only foreplay and he's not really rushing for sex! So what does he want? SMH.


Dawta used to peep out di ting


Ragashanti, all now my mother don't kno seh mi use to watch her tru the peep hole when she a bun my father, who use to travel on farm work, with the neighbour and the little young youth dem around the community. Hush Mom, u will never know I know now. My mada did love the young thing dem baaad! RIP mom. Mi never inherit that gene caz a pure old over 40 man to my juju. Love u professor. Kisses Tam Fam.


Awright, movements time ya now. Sen mi unu mixup dem at See unu same place yah soh nex Thursday. Bless up unu self.


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