Obeah backfire pon matie!

March 31, 2016


Wooooiiiieeee!! Waa gwaan TamFam. Mi deh ya, mi deh ya, mi deh ya a hol it inna Obama Lan. Big up all a di Tambourine Family, an all Tambourine Radio and Ragashanti Live listeners. Straight blessings mi say. Watch di ride - mix-up time:


Obeah backfire pon matie

Raga I have a friend she is in her 60s. Around 17 years ago, she lived with this guy. They were both in the party scene, however, he started messing around with a young lady from the club and was dissing my friend. She went to an obeah lady and the lady told her to get the girl name with parchment paper an plant a tree and put the paper in the ground in her backyard. This should make the guy leave the girl and stay with her.

Mi seh Raga, mi nuh know if she neva pay the obeah lady all her money, but the guy just start beat my friend for no reason. The last time he beat, her she fell down the stairs and hurt her hand. So she went back to the lady an the lady tell her the only thing she can do is dig up the plant an remove the paper an burn it. She did, an the beating stop, but to this very day, she has had several surgeries and her hand has never been the same.


Swiping resumed



Raga, when I got saved, I stopped giving my hubby blowjobs. Then I went to a revival and the pastor man call mi up and whispered in my ear "tThe tings dem wey yuh stop do to yuh husband start back and don't stop," cause me did tink something wrong. Pastor man seh nothing in the bedroom is undefiled. Now mi swipe mi husband fi days and mi nah stop. Haffi please the boss.


Canadian obeah woman



Good afternoon, Dr Stewart. I don't believe in obeah, but here's what I've experienced. I was married to a Jamaican man in the Garveymeade, Portmore area back in the early 2000s. Throughout my relationship with my then husband, I realised that his mother wasn't too fond of me, but that didn't matter to me because it was her son that had got my interest.

Anyways, the wedding was a success. Seven bridesmaids, including the maid-of-honor, his sister, his mother and aunt received us and stood as our parents. Big wedding that was talked about. When we left the church, as we were on our way to the hall for the reception, I got a feeling that until now I can't explain. Moods changed and I wasn't the same person, but I managed to get through the night. We were to honeymoon in Negril, but I got sick and was forced to return to Canada.

Upon my return to Canada, I shared my experience, photos and videos, with my Jamaican friends and for the most part, it was fun, but when it got to the wedding part, one of my friends realised that she knew my husband and his family. Raga, the stories starts to reel out, and it was only at that time I realised that when I got married my husband was actually living with someone at his mother's house. The woman knew nothing about me and I knew nothing about her. I visited his house regularly and nothing was revealed about another woman.

Anyhow, with the advice of one of my friends I began to explore. My friend took me to a Jamaican woman who was from St Thomas, Jamaica, but lives here in Canada for a read-up. Raga, the woman gave me a deck of cards to pick out five, which I did. The one that stuck in my mind was the one with the pic of three people with the drawings VERY DARK, NOT TOO DARK AND VERY LIGHT. The woman explained that those three people were me, my husband and his woman. Raga, the descriptions fit the persons, but what got me SCARED was when the woman began to call names. She described my then mother-in-law to a T and called her name. I began to cry and she said, "Don't cry, I can get your husband for you if you want, all you have to do is pay for a candle that costs $273 and make a donation of my choice to my church."

Raga, I left that woman's house bewildered and confused about what I had just heard. I never got back to her, but subsequently filed for my marriage to be annulled and never looked back at him to this day.

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