Wife need a duppy bax

April 28, 2016

Wife need a duppy bax

Bragadap Brap Brap!! Waa gwaan TamFam?? Man deh ya a juggle same way inna Obama Lan. An mixup deh ya fi drown we. But, as usual, mi first waan big up mi Tambourine Radio and Ragashanti Live listeners. Bless up unu self straight. Awright, watch di ride, we a juggle dung inna some drama now:


Wife need a duppy bax


Mr Raga, good day to you sir. My wife need a duppy box! We've been together for 30 years, a me tek di virginity. Mi madly in love with mi wife but she no freaky like mi. It cause mi fi a have friends on di side.

Mi no tell no other woman no lie fi get dem. Mi mek dem know from di door seh mi a married man. But dat no stop dem from gi mi di juju. Fi mi problem is mi a get older n mi want focus pon mi wife alone n leave dem young gal alone, but bwoy mi tried fi a beg fi di wok. Mi wi lay down inna di bed fi weeks n if mi no bother her mi no get none. The thing is mi wi get juju anytime anywhere even from her friends or family members. Mi just want mi wife fi get a duppy box. Just tell mi where fi carry her fi she get one. Ps. Money a no problem fi wi, wi well off!!!

Hol on deh ... yuh a ask mi fi tell yuh weh fi goh fi yuh wife get a duppy bax fi she get freaky????!!!!

DW!! Massa mine yuh mek mi kin ova an drap offa mi chair an buss mi head! An yuh madly in love wid yuh wife ... but chue she nuh waan run di juju yuh haffi a sort out har fren dem an har relatives??? Jah know star yuh a goh haad yow. But hear wa, mi honestly nuh really know nuh obeah man weh can put on a freaky bax pon yuh wife. So hear weh yuh a goh do ... just surprise har one night an tun up di freakiness pon har. Jus move to har propa an start rinse har out in ways weh she neva get before. Jus do di tings dem. She naa goh nuh weh wen yuh done ... a yuh wife an unu married fi many years. She wi adjust eventually ... jus nuh rape her ... but jus wheel out all manner of freakiness pon har, an mash up har head. Yeah





Naa sarry fi no man!


Raga please don't call my name. I have been through it. I don't feel sorry fi none a dem man ya. I met one, fell in love with my now husband. We got married and he moved in with mi, but all the man could a do was gi mi bun. I treat this man so good come to find out man have a child out deh inna wi marriage. Ok I forgave him although it really hurt. We managed to patch up the marriage and move forward. He then got in trouble with the same babymother, in where he ended up in deportation status two times, in which I struggled to get him out of after just giving birth to our child. Well Raga, after the removal was completed and he got the green card, a den mi find out the same babymadda weh lock him up did a breed again and soon gi birth (ahh boy). Raga if I did know I woulda mek dem deport him ass.

Gyal live wid har mumma and har three pickney. A just pack up all a him clothes dem and carry them over the gyal house and change mi lock. D ole nastiness go to the police and seh that him have squatters right and he's my husband and he have rights to my place. Long story short police cum a mi house and a seh mi haffi tek him back in or go to family court. Neverrrrrrrr will I take him back inna mi house a rather go jail. After I pick up this bum wash him off and clean him up and treat him like a king, I live to see him begging me now saying he is sorry and how much he made a mistake. Man gweh from yaso yaa. Mi love mi single life now. Bless up raga.

Awright, a leggo mentz ya now. Sen mi unu drama at ragashanti@ragashanti.com. See unu same place yah soh nex week Thursday. Till den....


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