Jamaica, the bloodletting must stop

May 09, 2016


Nuff people a ask a wah really a gwaan inna Jamaica, and which part we good-good island really a go.

From the blatant disrespect and disregard for life to the wanton spread of bad mind and covetousness.

Wickedness really increase! Though daunting, we still have to find a way to combat these problems because anno everybody can pack up and run, or even want to leave Jamaica to live elsewhere.

There has been calls from some quarters to reinstate hanging as maybe that will be a deterant to criminals. It has also drawn condemnation and criticism from others who contend that we haffi start catch the criminal dem first before thinking about hanging! How yuh fi hang who yuh cyaa ketch?! Others have posited moral reasons for being against it, while some a stretch out the rope because dem a seh enough is enough. So whether is a knee-jerk reaction fi call fi hanging, one ting is for sure we cannot continue like this.


Violent country


Mi heart hurt when mi hear di ooman pon di big farin TV channel a style we country. It hurt mi to mi heart. Fi know seh some a di same people dem who a talk, di amount a mall, church and school massacre weh dem have a fi dem country on a daily basis, and mi never hear di ooman or her colleagues dem seh dem live in an "extraordinarily violent country!" Sometimes it come off like a Jamaica alone dem have strength for, but mi vex because a we give dem di tings fi talk! Is based on our actions mek dem can class we!

Mother's Day was yesterday and sometimes we underestimate the importance and the power of family and good upbringing, morals, and values being inculcated in our children. It would seem like nuff a di pickney dem a grow themself and teach themself the way of the world. A mother's love and prayer is of paramount importance, and, as mi always say, the hands that rock the cradle rule the world. Nowadays, too many mothers want to be the "cool mom" instead of the disciplinarian. Too many want to be their children's friend an' naa remember seh dem a dem mother first and foremost. The people dem we grow an' no have no heart or regard fi people, nuff time a how dem grow help shape dem into monsters who wreak havoc on our society!


Lives matter


Being a mother entails more than just giving birth, but the truth is nuff "carrier" a pose like mother and a mash up the equation! The role of motherhood is to be taken seriously. If we ramp wid di pickney dem, we a ramp wid we future and we cannot afford that. All lives matter and as a country certain cultural norms that we laud and applaud, we need fi stop it because a some a dem same ideology deh come back come bite off we ears and tek we life.

We can't continue so ... we anno di worst but we anno di best either. Furthermore, when you want to grow and excel you don't compare yourself to the worst! We not having any holy war or no racial cleansing so a wah we a gwaan so fah??!!

We all have a vested interest in Jamaica, its development, and advancement so we need to get our act together! Enough is enough! If we haffi tek it 'knee city' and pray without ceasing a dat we haffi go do. Some people turn a blind eye because they've never been directly affected and crime just seems remote, but if we no fix it we just get weh di duck get!

Jamaica a our country and though I'm not for painting or portraying our country in a bad light to people, I also don't believe we should continue to sweep our crime and criminality problems under the carpet because it is only to our peril! The bloodletting needs to stop like now or else Jamaica ago haemorrhage!

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