Boyfriend get ketch wid fake Facebook profile

May 12, 2016

Waaa gwaan TamFam?? Big up unu good-good self. Mi deh ya trang an hawty. Propa spek to all Tambourine Radio and Ragashanti Live listeners. Bless up unu self. On to the mix up.

Facebook trick pon Boyfriend

Good day, Raga. I flirted with my boyfriend on Facebook through a fake profile. One day he asked me for a picture of my private part and I went online and downloaded a picture of a vagina and sent it to him. Hear him nuh how is the prettiest one him ever see and he sent a picture of his instrument as well and said he can't wait to explore my inner thighs. He even told me how he was single and needed a girlfriend ... after I wash, cook and clean. The boy promised me all the world. Raga, he asked me on a date, and when we met up, he realised it was me! Raga, him disappear and I didn't see him for a few days or hear from him! Raga, me seh the drama more than that, but I'm cutting it short.

Bunnaman An Nuh Know

Raga, some gal dem think dem slick. Mi deh wit dis girl fi like two years. Mi visit her, she visit me. All of a sudden di gal a tell mi seh har friend a come stay wit har fi a few months cause the man lose him house. Never know seh she use to deh wit di man. My youth, since di man go deh, me caan go deh because she seh she nuh want the kids dem get confuse. Boss, mi and dis girl deh fi two years and me nuh know har family. Everytime mi fi meet the family, she come up with bare excuse. She a tell me she deh wit me, and a me she love, but him and she nuh deh.

So now me wan move on and do my thing and people a tell me seh me mean. Me seh she deh, wit di man. She too lie and dem gal deh when bad tings happen to dem, dem seh no good man no deh bout. My question is, if she and him a friend, why mi caan go deh, why mi nuh know him? What you tink Raga, mi right or wrong? Is a girl mi really check fa, but, Jesus, mi just wan dis girl fi tell the truth and be honest Raga. If she deh wit di man and mi want a slam, yeah mi ah go tek it, but she fi tell di truth. She ah play wit mi and di man.

She naa play wid di man, she a play wid you. A you deh pon di side. But hear wa, fram she tell yuh say har man fren house bun dung an him haffi come 'visit' har fi a while an dat while him de deh yuh cyaan goh a har place, den yuh already know all yuh need fi know. Yuh don't need fi get the truth fram har, yuh already have it. A jus' you fi know now weh uh willing fi work wid. Is eeda yuh a goh gwaan blaze har pon di side, or, if yuh cyan manij fi know a nex man a jump move up wid her, den leave an goh look smaddy else.

Awright, mi a leggo ya now. Unu sen mi unu mix-up dem at See unu nex week Thursday same place yah soh. Bless up unu self. Road!!

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