Matie acting as wifey bunner man!

May 26, 2016

Waa gwaan TamFam?? Large up all massive and all Ragashanti Live and Tambourine Radio listeners. Bless up unu self straight!! Mixup in overdrive straight:

Hi Raga, my bunner man ask me to create a fake Facebook profile as a man and friend his wife. I took up the task and did as he requested. It's going into four months now. To this lady, I am just a friend she doesn't know, but we talk every day and night tru Facebook messaging. It's at a boiling point now whereas she is opening up to me, telling me all these secrets that the husband wanted out of her. For example, she is bisexual, and she been dating this so called guy which just happen to be the husband best friend for almost seven years. The husband works 24/7. She just stay home and never work but all her bills are paid.

Husband insecure

The husband did this because of his insecurities. I am now caught in the middle of all of it. At nights she sends me sexy pictures turning me on. Imagine now Raga, I am supposed to be a man in the eyes of her but to how the pics them hot it a kinda a draw me out, making me feel as if I am really falling for this lady. She is almost three times my age, but look really young and beautiful. I feel like stopping the task but he insist that I continue. When he go home at nights and check her phone everything is erased, but, on the other hand, I have all the messages in my phone.

Planning to meet

This is how far it reach Raga, I am supposedly living in a far state, but she agrees to meet up with me at a hotel in her state if I visit. Now my bunner man want me to go ahead with the meeting and have him be the man in the hotel. I am scared Raga. I don't want to cause no more trouble, although I already did.

Raga, I even get money and send to this lady, she said I must have a female send it. I did just that because my bunner man gave me the money to send. When he asked her where she got the money, she said her friend send it to buy some good Brazilian hair and mail to her.

Raga, my question is should I continue or just back out of the situation when it comes on to me meeting her at a hotel?? I am married, I have my life, he knows all that, but we still mess around each other. We are also best friends. I am lost and confused right now. They have four young kids together now. When I think of the children, I really feel like letting go and stop this crap. Love u Raga.

Awright, a leggomentz ya now. Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu nex week Thursday same place yah soh inna di Star. Nuff love.


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