Some people do anything for the 'likes-style'

May 30, 2016

It fava lacka seh everybody want to become popular, turn celebrity, and get fame by any means necessary. If is even by comprising dem dignity, pride and integrity just to get 'likes' on social media!

Some people want the fame and highlight so badly, dat dem willing fi disgrace themself and all dem pickney just to brag about how many 'followers' and 'viewers' they have. But when mi check the ratio and the levels exactly what do people really like about them and exactly where are they following them to?! Does getting 'likes' and 'followers' really make you 'somebody'? I'm no prude and I'm all about freedom of expression, but some things I see happening especially, on the Internet is appalling and scary!

I'm all about dressing well and being sexy but there is a difference between sexy and sleezy! A young lady's aim in life shouldn't be focusing on becoming a 'thot' or a 'trap queen'! How about becoming respectable, admirable, and being true to yourself. Beautiful faces and bodies are everywhere but what about a beautiful mind? What about the value of one's self and having self-worth? One's entire relevance should not be hinged on how many followers and likes you get but on your character on and off social media.


Package themselves

Everybody a hot gal inna 2016! Who no hot a because dem no want hot! Everybody a put themself together and clean like Jesus police record when dem touch road! Furthermore, anything weh yuh no born wid from yuh have yuh money, yuh can go any doctor go buy it! Many people package themselves and sell a lie on these platforms just to seem cool or hype. Dem always a 'Snap' the so called good life weh dem a live, and nah 'snap' the tings dem weh dem haffi do to maintain this 'packaged likes-style'.

Many are gullible and buy into this myth and stress themselves trying to keep up with the 'Jones'. It's like we live in society where vacuous people get the attention and props. Mi nah seh we can't draw inspiration from people life as to what mistakes we are not to make, but when since certain things and people become standard bearer??!! Mi memba one time it was men and women of substance and quality that used to be admired and emulated, nowadays people a praise and emulate people because dem hair tall down inna dem back!


Negative things

Some people watch, like and follow them for the laugh and lunacy that they portray. Mi see people style dem and class dem seh dem mad and pass derogatory remarks about dem, but dem watch dem page and like it and all share it! So really and truly who mad ... dem or dem followers??!! I don't understand why yuh woulda cuss smaddy dog rotten, but yuh still a watch out dem picture and posts and share it! So it look like a pure mad people inna di world then!

Some negative things weh mi see people excited fi share mi no see dem excited fi share the positive so! Then dem same one ask "why di world stay so?" I understand that people are free to do and say what they want but that freedom comes with responsibility. So if everything is gonna be about breast and shape, handbag and clothes, jumping to disrespect others just to get a hype and be relevant, and disgracing yourself everyday just so people will comment and like, what kind of better world do we expect?!

There has to be a line of demarcation that certain things are just not 'bloody' acceptable! Gone are the days when hard work and credentials mattered (and not necessarily scholastic), when you would rate and respect someone based on their accomplishments and contribution. Right now if yuh a show nipple and naked and inna some designer tings a you a run di place! It sad bad!

People sit and concoct how they are going to create drama so that the public will buy into it and spread it. Sad to say, it seems to be working. Are we going to allow things to continue this way? Are the things and people who are not putting forth anything to edify the people in a positive way going to continue getting 'likes' all in the name of so called entertainment?


Uplifting work

I thought entertainment was about real talent ... not the 'manufacturered' kind?! Some of the people who are all about the 'likes-style' and doing it for the 'gram', would you want your children to be like them or emulate what they're doing and what they're about?

We haffi tek a serious stock of what's going on. There are many positive men and women doing postive and uplifting work an dem need fi get di highlight and props. We can have fun and laugh ... be sexy and playful, but it shouldn't be the be all and end all to everything! Nuff a dem have how much 'likes' and dem still empty inside.

Big up real people who know real tings! Everybody will not like you for whatever reason ... look wah dem do Jesus, but at the end of the day don't drop yuh self respect and self-esteem just to please a public!

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