Nice finale to Magnum Kings and Queens

June 06, 2016
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer Accid shows his checque after winning the Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall finals


Fadda good and great God thank you for your mercy and coverage! Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall grand finale did sweet like sugah! Mi seh mi feel good inna mi when mi see how di people dem come out fi support the show and the contestants!

The road was rocky and the hills were steep but they persevered and now the two most deserving were crowned king and queen - King Accid and Queen Clymaxx!

They were consistent, creative and entertaining every week and their lyrical ability mek di show exciting! Many times contestants will perform on the show and dem no leave no indelible mark and as a result dem get lost in transition.

However the 2016 Magnum king and kueen left a lasting impression. All now mi still a sing "One tump inna yuh yeye" and "Puff and roll up!" Di contestant dem well craaawb up! Every week dem woulda come louder and at di finals dung a town Saturday night they were extraordinary like a real big deal!


Come represent


Mi haffi give credit and acknowledge Mi Ya Estro and Zigma! Mi seh when di St Thomas clique roll out it was pandemonium! I'm so proud of the two of them because dem come far and come represent. Zigma say him mek Miss Kitty "run outta breath" and Mi Ya Estro want dutty man fi "gweh"! Cyaa left out Shemdon, mr strike and pass himself and Pink Boss! The 9th season of Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall was spectacular!

Brand Jamaica is not to be taken lightly as it is the element that makes our country unique and stand out. We dress, talk, run, deejay and cuss different from any other country. So many people pattern what we do and then they make a profit while we stand aside and look like bredda dog! Brand Jamaica is a big deal and it shouldn't just be viable outside the shores but to be honed and preserved by people who should benefit from it. Sometimes when overseas people come under the guise of helping the music and our culture, dem only a rape what's left and many artiste are left to suffer while dem bank book high like Mount Everest!! We don't badmind a soul fi dem tings, I just wish artistes would know how important their intellectual property is to them.




For all who vote, big up unnu nice clean self! Fi all who watch the show a week time nuff thanks and fi all who love and rate mi entrance, thank unnu! Mi love mi fans and supporters to mi heart! The journey continues for these contestants and mi a beg unnu give them a listening ear and support them! Dem talented bad bad bad! Like how Magnum done yah now mi can go kick back and relax and gwaan medz next season. A longtime mi no go river, who want carry mi? Lol...Wooiiee mi body line!

All the contestants worked assiduously to reach this point and I'm extremely proud of them. To those who didn't win, don't be discouraged. Sometimes inna life yuh haffi reverse in order to fi go forward! Just put time into work, be disciplined and apply yourself. Shame we a shame badmind! Love unnu!! Support fi support! Brand Jamaica matters!

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