Bun fi bun and breed

June 09, 2016

Bragadap Brap Brap Brap!! Wah gwaan TamFam?? Bless up all Tamfammers and all Ragashanti Live listeners. And big up all Tambourine Radio listeners.

Moving straight to di drama dem!


Suicidal stalker



A few years ago I broke up with my boyfriend of over six years. I used to run his business so he was devastated. Raga, the man stalk out mi daylight and mi nights. He would lay wait me by job and try to talk to me, but the security would rescue me. He would call my job phone back to back. The operator started complaining, so I told her to reject the calls. The man would go to my bus stop by my house in the evening and wait for me. I had to get off three stops away and walk to my house to avoid him. Every where I turn, he was there. He started smoking and that's how I recognised him in the dark. One day, he uprooted my garden because I wouldn't talk to him. Raga, he would put money in my mail box to try and get me back. Mi mean big money enuh, and of course I tek the money. I started going to the nearest police station whenever I saw him and that is how I met my current husband.

One day he came by my house with his mom. Raga, the man draw out the biggest kitchen knife in the kitchen and said he was going to kill himself! Mi tell him fi call mi when the corpse ready. I lock them up in the house and went to the police station. When I came back him tek house top and leave him mother. Mi just put her out side. The man stop brushing his teeth and bathing. He carried himself dirty. Dat you call man eat out of garbage pan.


Bun fi bun and breed



Raga, oh what a stress pon my poor left breast. My sister is in a marriage that originally began as a business relationship, and after her husband got in a bike accident they got very close because she had to take care of him. They have three children together, but shortly after having the third child, the relationship went sour because my sister found out that her husband got another girl pregnant. He claims that it was an accident and he only went to the other lady because my sister stopped taking care of herself and making herself look cute so he could brag to his friends. Basically he called her an embarrassment. She took it hard, but thanks to me and some of our very good friends we got her out of her slump and she eventually forgave him and now has play dates with the bastard child.

Fast forward four years. In the beginning of this year, my sister and I determined that this was going to be our year and she started fixing up herself again and staying extra cute for 2016. Dis year we plan fi give all our ex men headache so that they would see what they lost. So, as a silent revenge my sister started sleeping with her husband's best friend, and now she is pregnant! But she is not sure who the father is because apparently she was still sleeping with her husband too.

When she told her husband that she was pregnant, the husband hung up and told her that if she keeps the child they are going to get a divorce because he doesn't want any more children. The best friend, on the other hand, wants her to keep the child so badly because this will be his first child. My poor sister is torn between the two men and has actually gone into depression from this situation.

Alright, a it dat fi dis week. Send mi unuh drama dem at ragashanti@ragashanti.com. See unuh next week Thursday same place yah so. A road mi say now. Bless!

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