We need a better and safer Jamaica

June 13, 2016

It is a joy to be able to brag about our beautiful island of Jamaica and all we have to offer.

Sun, sea, sand, a culture and people that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. A 'small island' that has had an immense impact on the world at large, with other people curious to find out a how we stay so! People from all over the world come to our beautiful island fi soak up a piece of our greatness, and to how it sweet, some a dem, when dem go back home, dem tell dem friends and family fi come - and they keep coming. Our greatest asset is our people, because it is that human quality and touch that makes for a memorable experience. We live where they vacation and that in itself is a blessing. Tourism is a major foreign exchange earner for Jamaica and thousands of people depend on it for a living. How, then, can we harm our tourists?

It no tek nothing at all fi word start spread seh Jamaica no safe and all the negative publicity that will mek a tourist think twice about visiting Jamaica. We don't need and really cannot afford for our tourists to feel unsafe. Yes, it is true that tourists are killed in other parts of the world, but mi naa compare Jamaica to dem place deh!

Tourists being attacked or killed should be a NO NO in Jamaica! Remember we slogan seh 'Jamaica, No Problem', so how come we reach murdering tourists on our beautiful island? If the tourist stop come or their numbers decrease significantly, there will be a negative effect on our economy, loss of jobs and the crippling of a thriving industry. We cannot afford dat! Then, when people outta work and no have no food fi eat is a next judgement dat again, because the devil finds work for idle hands and when people get desperate they are likely to get involved in criminal activities. We can't afford dat!




As citizens, we should be the ones protecting our visitors and making them feel at home so that they will go and spread the good news that Jamaica is truly paradise on earth. If they are gonna be robbed and killed, then we can expect the negative backlash as well. We no need dat right now. Dem criminal yah way too brazen and heartless and no have no regard fi anybody. They don't realise that their dastardly act can affect and implicate the entire country. Di community people dem who know a who, need fi talk up! We can't sit and turn a blind eye to everything because when dem come fi you, no one will be there to help!

This level of disregard for life and disrespect to people is even being experienced by our very fellow Jamaicans. Memba seh di germs dem did rob me already and now Bounty Killer has been the latest victim. As far as I'm concerned, Killa is an artiste that had represented fi poor people struggles. His successful career is built on him being the 'Poor People Governor' and 'The Ghetto Gladiator!' It is a shame that after this man has done so much and represented the disenfranchised, a some a dem come diss the General ... Jah know, a idiot ting dat!




So if we naa go respect our tourist and treasure our own icons how it ago go?! A wah we really a deal wid Jamaica?! Smaddy must know weh Bounty Killer, Rolex deh and him $500,000! This shouldn't happen to Bounty Killer, or anyone for that matter! If we won't protect, cherish and respect those who have exposed Brand Jamaica to the world so that others will visit our island, then we're in a bad way. Bounty who give away so much money to help di ghetto youths, go a di dance dem, perform at treats and is always the first to represent where he's from and his hardships before superstardom, should get the protection and utmost respect anyweh him go!

We need to get swift and efficient with solving crime. The criminals are not afraid because they know that there's a bigger chance of them getting away than getting caught. Families are hurting and so is Jamaica and all well-thinking Jamaicans all over the world. If we want the best for our nation, we must start holding these criminals accountable and have zero tolerance for crime and criminality. We need the foreign exchange, we need the jobs and we need a better and safer Jamaica.

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