Pregnant fi a married man!

June 16, 2016

Bragadap, Brap Brap Brap!! Wah gwaan TamFam?? Bless up all Tamfammers and all 'Ragashanti Live' listeners. And big up all Tambourine Radio listeners.

Now on to the mix-up an' di drama dem!


Ask Fi Wa Yuh Waan


Raga, anything I want I ask for it. When I was in community college, I had this math African tutor. Raga, the boy sexy! Mi belly weak. I learned nothing. However, I still have him do private sessions with me just so I could see him and one day I couldn't tek it no more. I said, "I like you and I just want some a yuh package." lol. He laughed, but come to find out he liked me too and we hooked up twice and I have no regrets. Raga, I ask for anything I want. The Bible said ask and you shall receive. We were both single, so it was all good.


Suspicious Gyallis



Raga mi have a friend who ova di years mi always believe him a gyallis, cause a him seh gyal. Yesterday mi guh link him, him guh in a him house fi someting and leave him fone outside. Mi si is a girl him have as him screen saver, suh mi tek a closer look fi si if mi kno har. RAGA, WHEN MI LOOK, IS A SHEMALE HIM HAVE AS HIM SCREEN SAVER! Mi shout out and tell him mi have to cut, mi have a emergency ... #frenshipdone!!!


Preggo Fi Married Man



Raga, the situation is, I was dating this married man. Found out all the time he had been lying to me, seh him and him wife not together. He said they were separated, which was all a lie. I found out a few weeks ago that I am pregnant. From then, I have been very stressed. Not a day has passed and I haven't cried. 'Cause then I am undocumented. Yes, he has been paying my rent, 'cause I only work $400 a week. And I throw my partner from that, pay other bills and buy food.

This man tell mi seh him gone Jamaica one Monday, only to found out he is on a cruise with the wife. I only feel bad because of this child. I did my first ultrasound yesterday and I am 11 weeks and five days. I no longer want to deal with this man.

Earlier, I spoke to him and him say I can't do without him, so me can gwaan talk. I swear I don't know if I should go left or right - as in get rid of it and get this man out my life or keep it an' have to still deal with him. But as far as I know, the relationship with him is done.

Alright mi peeps, a it dat fi dis week. Send mi unuh drama dem at See unuh next week Thursday same place yah so. A road mi say now. Bless!

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