Woman a big big ginnal!

June 30, 2016

Greetings, TamFam. Bless up all 'Ragashanti Live' and Tambourine Radio listeners. Big up unu self propa. Mi deh ya a hol it inna Obama Lan same way.

Hear wa ... Right ya now, mi medz mash up caa mi bredren Delus commited suicide. Sad. People hear mi ... nuh care wa unu a goh tru ... nuh care how it hard ... nuh care how it seems like there are no answers to unu problems....THERE"S ALWAYS A WAY TO BETTER!! Don't commit suicide.

Awright ... drama time:


Mi nuh hungry right now


Raga, women who are independent, confident and know their own worth shouldn't be bothered by petty indiscretion. I caught my husband doing something comparably inappropriate and I said to him, "Yes, mi see de picture pon u phone but is all good; anyway u ready fi u dinner?" Yeah, a so mi drop it pon him. I just stood there staring at him blankly and waited for his response ... LOL. He was left speechless and looked at me like I was crazy and finally said, "Mi nuh hungry right now." I never mentioned it again because I know he has more to lose than me. I want to leave him always wondering what my next move is. He won't have a clue. U can't ramp wid dem man, ya!!!


Straight Ginalship!


Raga, I am a Virgo and part of our faults is we care too much. I don't want to change myself, but I am working on what I care for. Nonetheless, I have been with this young lady for about a year now, and when I met her she had car troubles, so I lent her US$500 to buy a vehicle, with the intention she would pay me back in two months. Within two months, she lost her car (repo) and had nothing to drive, and we live in Florida, so you know having a car is important. However, I did a cash withdrawal from my credit card with zero interest for 12 months, which when she got her income tax, she would pay me back. So I bought her a car for $3,500. This young lady slow moved her self into my apartment. I know it was happening and I allow it, not really knowing this person. Raga, she has been lying to me since the day we start talking; I felt it within my bone that something wasn't hundred with her, but couldn't put my fingers on it. She tells me she have a CD account, a house in south Florida, her mother is dead and her ex sold her identity.

I didn't care about what she had or have, but after seven months of talking, I decided to get to the bottom of everything. Raga, I didn't ask this lady anything, she would just give me information about herself. One day, I took it up on myself to go to property appraisal to look up the property info. I asked this woman what's the address and she said she don't remember. WHAT! So I said, ask your brother because he was living there for free, She call - no answer. She text - no reply; for over 30 min she been looking for the address of her first house. So I decided to look up the house info under her name. She then turn to me and said it must have been her father who stole the house from her, so I search his name, NOTHING.

So, I say do you even have a CD account? Yes, she replied. I said I want to go to the bank and see it for myself in the morning. I told her to call the bank that she said she and her father is on together. Raga, this woman call the bank and they couldn't find nothing, and she on the phone arguing with them that she has an account there. Raga, I end up buying this woman three cars because she had accidents in each of them and totalled them out, insurance paid out and when I asked for the money, NOTHING!

Aaaayy Sah. Bless up unu self.

See unu same place yah soh nex Thursday. Sen mi unu drama dem at ragashanti@ragashanti.com.

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