Some men nuh have no approach!

July 04, 2016

Call di bwoy insect, him no got no approach ... mosquito, fly, him a roach!! Words uttered by General Degree many years ago, which still resonate with many women with regard to how men approach us.
It’s as if the days of being respectful, courteous and giving a decent compliment no deh again! Most times when women are approached, some sexual desire is thrown at us and it’s almost as if we should be happy and welcome it. A man will just see a woman and is like him neva eat from him born because the amount a tings weh him want fi consume is like him malnourished!
They have no qualms to express their intentions of what they want to do with our body parts and after they have done so, dem feel proud a demself. Dem a tell yuh wah dem want “lodge”, “ben up”, “sink in” and “dig out”! Most times by the time they are finished with their verbal sexual assault we feel so disgusted. I don’t purport to speak for all women because I gather that some like that approach, but, trust mi, most of us don’t like it! It is repugnant and distasteful. Some man approach want fix up!

Tongue roll

Though some women sell and project themselves as breasts and bottom, there are those of us who want to be appreciated and admired for the other ‘assets’ that we have. A man will just meet a woman and at the drop of a hat him tongue roll out like red carpet. Then when women don’t respond to their “advances” expletives and embarrassing phrases are hurled at us. So the same man weh did want treat yuh like a KFC big deal earlier start cuss and class yuh down to di ground!
What about approaching a lady and asking her name, striking up a conversation, complimenting her on her hair, dress, shoes or even perfume?! Why not ask how she’s doing and appreciating that she is a person and not a piece of meat? Di man dem need fi fix dem tings.
Some a dem even more aggressive and will take it a step further by touching us without our permission! Sometimes, we don’t even know weh dem dutty nasty hand a come from yet dem a grab yuh hand. A man should not invade the physical and private space of a female. Di saying, look but don’t touch, is very relevant here!
The nerve and audacity of some men when they see a woman in the club dancing by herself to come throw himself upon her like him is a trophy! How about asking if we would like to dance instead of coming to brace us down with unnu pants front?!! Den fi mek matters worst, dem come wid dem two long hands! Not a drink, not a nothing! So mi fi endure the verbal and physical assault while mi throat dry! Fadda God, look yah if yuh no busy cause dem man yah approach a worsen by the day!
proper sentence
Not to mention some a dem a look yuh and can’t string a proper sentence together! A pure slang dem use and if yuh no know dem yuh ago lost like a ship without a sailor! Nothing is wrong with colouring ones vernacular with some slang, but it should not be the basis on which the conversation is conducted! When dem man a look the woman dem, mi seh nuff a we frighten and think a Friday di 13, 14 and 15! Dem a horror show inna real life! Dem invade yuh private space so much that all when dem cut dem cologne might all left pon yuh.
Some women may respond in a brash manner but more time a how di man dem bring across weh dem a seh in an overtly and aggressive manner. How can you expect to tell a woman how you want to “massacre” her body and expect her to say “hi”, “thank you”. What works on one woman may not work on another. Anno everybody like the barbaric behaviour.
Decency and respect are never out of style! Some a di cannibal bwoy dem fi gweh! Make a woman laugh and feel good. Make a woman blush ... make a woman be intrigued by you without trying to impress us with talk of the “length and strength and how it ago mek we content!” There is more to life than just sex ... there is more to a relationship than just sex ... there is more to a woman than just our vaginas or what you men want to put in there!



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