Its the season of sports

July 11, 2016

Bwoy, the sporting arena tun up well loud at this time of the year with most of the popular disciplines - cricket, tennis, football, and athletics - being played at this time .

Even if you're not a sports fan or fanatic, there are many life lessons to be learned from watching these sportsmen and women work hard for that top spot. Mi naa tell no lie when mi hear bout how much money some a dem mek per week. Mi a wonder if it too late fi mi go try a ting! Maybe mi won't be able to mek the team, but maybe mi coulda rub down dem foot or dem back when dem get injured!

Mi naa lie, though. When we analyze the grueling training, how vigilant they have to be when it comes to eating food and who dem eat from, the psychological and physical pressures that they endure, dem deserve every penny. The level of patriotism and pride they ignite in their fellow countrymen is priceless. It is undeniable that sports brings people together. It is a unifying force.

Right about now, the loyalists, bandwagonists ... all the novice dem out yah now! The way di place inna sporting frenzy, all the mosquito dem out! Mi hope and pray that the powers that be are taking all the necessary precautionary measures to protect the athletes as well as the spectators who will be making the trek to the Olympics in Rio, Brazil.

Mi naa lie. Mi did a think fi go, but mi a go go rafting pon the Rio Grande instead cause mi no able! This ZIKV virus is no joke and the complications associated with it are not to be taken lightly. Mi buck up on a disorder called Guillan Barre Sydrome, which is allegedly linked to ZIKV. Anno nutten fi ramp wid! A it name "once a man twice a child"! Mi did a think dem fi relocate the Olympics because of the ZIKV threat, but since dem decide to keep it there I'm advising all athletes to walk with their repellant and use it like a body splash and perfume! Don't left it an inch! Mek sure unnu walk wid a pack a "destroyer" wid a Dragon bottle and a clothes pin! Don't tek di mosquito dem light!

As mi a think about the health and safety of our athletes, mi just want fi mek it clear that Usain Bolt is most deserving of making the Olympic team though he was unable to compete because of medical injury. A wah kinda Olympics woulda gwaan without Bolt? A how dat woulda look? I'm all for people competing and earning their spot on the team, but I say this without fear or favour, with all of his accomplishments, accolades, and his legacy even if Bolt did a chill pon di beach, him supposed to mek di team! He has displayed the highest level of professionalism, so mi willing fi give him the benefit of the doubt seh a di truth him a talk bout him foot. Mi hear some people a seh a lie him a tell and a crocus bag a tings, but I care zero. Hell, Heaven, or high water, him deserve fi deh pon di team! A dat mi seh!




Ten story inna one. What a way Serena Williams come win her 22nd Grand Slam to tie with Steffi Graf's record?!

Mi glad bag buss when mi see she mek the last play against Angelique Kerber. After all the negative narrative of the naysayers, she and her sister Venus Williams came out on top! When you're ordained for greatness and the supulchre mouth people dem try tear yuh down, don't watch dem. Just stay the course because Fadda God have yuh back!

So though sometimes we may not understand all weh a gwaan inna di game dem, but we can learn much about ourselves and life in general. We must have the tenacity, strength, vigour, and whole heap a prayer to make it through.

Mi front seat in front a mi TV already set. Mi need fi get out mi pot cover dem because mi ready fi cheer Team Jamaica all the way!!! Lalalalalalalalalala!!

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