Bruk di vow fi di bunnaman

July 28, 2016

Wooooiiieeeee!!! Wah gwaan TamFam? Mi deh ya a tan up trang same way, even doe, right ya now mi hungry. Afta mi write dis, a straight food to mi ting.

Bless up all a mi Tamfammers an' all Tambourine Radio and Ragashanti Live listeners. Concrete 'spec!

Awright, dem mix up ya a bout people who say dem woulda neva do certain tings, but smaddy end up a get dem fi do wah dem swear dem woulda neva do.


Raga, I swear to myself never to cheat on my husband. Mi did say that man nuh born yet for me to cheat. It's been eight long years, but this serpent came to my job and he became my friend. He told me all the things he has been through and all the women he slept with being a typical truck driver. Now, Raga, I fell for him just because of his honesty towards life. He told me straight up he wanted to have sex with me. Yes, Raga, I did it! Now him have mi like mi nuh know what. We have sex anywhere and anytime we meet, and it sweet mi yuh see. Him something nice like ice cream.

Raga, I recall us having sex in his car in traffic while it was snowing and we both came in about five minutes! I hate quickies, but that one set a record. Di sweetest sex I ever have was with this man. Yes, Raga, we still at it. He loves to buy me nice gifts. We do a lot together, but everything is on short times cause he has a wife and I have my husband.

Back door tun back

Yo Raga, mi seh mi have a friend say she will never do anal or deh wid a army man. But then she tek up a man, and mi say, when she find out the man in the army it was too late. But, mi say Raga, the army man kick down deh back door deh off the hinges! She all a request fi it. She say she rather get it than fi get har good-good sort out.

Snapchat drama

Hi Ragashanti. My boyfriend listens to your station everyday and I also listen. Me and him have a little disagreement. Last Monday, it was quite hot in London and he decides to bathe on the balcony and put it on Snapchat, which is cool. You know you can laugh about that, but I think he took it too far because in one of the snaps he shows his private area and it's up for everyone on his Snapchat to see! So, I was very annoyed about this and I spoke to him.

Raga, do you think that this is something someone should be doing? Do you think that's something anyone who supposedly has a girlfriend should be doing?


No. Most people in a relationship would not want their partner deliberately displaying their genitals on social media.

However, there is something going on in your relationship that would lead your boyfriend to be comfortable displaying his privates in that manner. I'm not sure what that is, but no man in a relationship would knowingly let his girlfriend know that he’s going to post his naked penis online, unless there were a set of dynamics that made him feel it’s OK to do so.

So you have to figure out what’s going on between you two that led him to think it’s cool do so.



Awright peeps, leggomentz yah now. Send mi unuh drama dem at See unuh nex week same place yah so. Bless up.




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