Keep the togetherness after the Olympics

August 08, 2016

The power of sports and the passion of patriotism have the ability to unite a people in a way that nothing else can.

It is amazing to see people from all walks of life coming together for one common good to support those representing our country while, at the same time, feeling a sense of pride when the Jamaican colours dash across the screen. It's an amazing feeling and it has started to take root as we all send love and support to our athletes in Brazil.

Part of the support, though, is calling a spade a spade, and the video that was circulating on the Internet with the unfinished room wid the dust, dirt and cement upset me. When mi see di room weh dem designate to some athletes and the deplorable conditions, it never rest well wid mi at all. Remember seh anno architects or engineers wi send go over deh fi help dem solve their building and accommodation problems, we sent professional athletes who should only be concentrating on bringing home gold! Not fi a hop and skip around ladder and no face basin!

Di room not even did have in a TV, but unnu done know we as Jamaicans know how fi bob and weave and mek tings work. It look like Brazil did need more time fi sort out themself. ZIKV tun up down deh and the violence a no normal sumting, so mi at least want our golden men and women to have clean and comfortable accommodations.

Mi know everybody did have dem eye tear out a look fi Usain inna di opening ceremony, but Shelly-Ann's grace and her very colorful hair kept Jamaica in the news same way! Mi seh Jamaica have star power cyaa done! Mi get fi understand seh Usain is well, but I guess being the most popular athlete on the planet can get a bit overwhelming. Even athletes weh deh Brazil fi represent their country are fans of the 'Great Bolt', so when dem see him dem a gwaan like Gladys Knight without the Pips!

Is a good feeling, though, to know that we are such a small island but a formidable force to be reckoned with anyweh we go! As I saw the other countries a pass through, when the spotlight turned on the Jamaican contingent all eyes were on us. We would be an unstoppable nation and people if we could nuture and foster the togetherness and unity that we so proudly display at Olympics time.

Mi want encourage all the business place dem fi have up a little tv inna dem place...if a even di big back one dem! Mi want everybody fi go out and buy a Jamaican flag so yuh have it on you at all times, and we cyaa lef out di Dutch pot cover dem, enuh! We haffi have dem deh, cause anytime the race a run or dem a swim or deh inna the gymnasium weh a go mek di pot cover dem ring out!

The month of August is a big deal for Jamaica and Jamaicans. We celebrated Emancipation Day on August 1, Independence Day on August 6, and for the balance of the month we celebrate the 'Gold Rush' in Rio with our star athletes! A big tings a gwaan! When mi see how the world react to our talent and creativity worldwide, I pray for the day when we will collectively realise how blessed we are as a nation and people. If we just put down the badmind, the covetousness, the entitlement syndrome, the violence and crime, we would be unstoppable!

Big up and maximum respect to all our athletes; we love unnu gone to bed! We a cheer and scream fi unnu! We have unnu back lock! Put on the colours and get out the tambourine and pot cover dem and mek we show di worl seh Jamaica can dweet again!! Lalalalalalalalalala!!! Victory a fi we! Jamaica, land we love!

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