Elaine, Shelly made us proud

August 15, 2016
@Normal:Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (left) celebrates with Elaine Thompson, following the women's 100 metres final inside the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

All mi a sing from Saturday is "A we still a win....Wooiiee, a we still a win!"

Mi glad-bag buss and mi heart full a joy the way Shelly-Ann and Elaine mek mi feel! Mi no know if a me alone, but when mi see dem line up in the blocks, mi start tremble and when dem cross di finish line, mi start bawl!

To see our ladies triumph in such a magnificent way was a joy to watch! Mi see the other athletes a tear out all part a dem fi win, but I'm overjoyed that two of the three medals will remain in Jamaica, especially the gold! The gold stays in Jamrock! The mount a 'Miss Kitty blank' mi buss, mi sure dem hear dem down a Rio!

Elaine Thompson has proven that our female athletic stock in Jamaica is high and there is no looking back or giving in. It's wonderful when others can step up to the plate and prove themselves as being worthy to run among the best of the best. Jamaica no short a talent, we just need more persons who are disciplined and those to hone and mould the talent. Mi love the unity and camaraderie that was displayed by the two champions. At the end of the day, a one link. Working together for the greater good of Jamaica to firmly and unequivocally (re)establish us the 'sprint factory' of the world!

Shelly-Ann's display of resilience and fighting til' the end touch mi heart. Though in excruciating pain, she fought valiantly and made it to the finish line and won the bronze medal. I hope, as a people and as a nation, we will look at the deeper lessons to be learnt from these races which speak to our strength of character and purpose. Many of us may not be able to run, swim, throw a discus or do the long jump, but let our athletes serve as inspiration to be the best that we can be.

Some a dem no mek it to the finals, but we proud a dem and love dem same way. Many persons train, run and swim their whole life and never make it to an Olympics, much more finals! Mi know yuh have the fault finders and the naysayers who a go always have something negative fi say, but we naa look pon di louse dem! Nuff a dem can't even run around the block or swim! Dem can only do the events inna dem mind, and some a dem don't even have no mind! So yuh know how dat go! There is always room for constructive criticism ... that's how we learn, grow and become the best, and that should be the focus. Nuff a dem can't even run a prep or primary champs and dem a beat up dem gum! Mi naa look!




I would hope that the sense of unity, support and patriotism will last longer than the Olympics. The sooner we acknowledge that united we stand and can conquer all, the better we will be for it. We haffi start incorporate and inculcate the 'Spirit of a Jamaican' in our daily 'livity'. It's not enough to just love and care about Jamaica when race a run, but it should be part of beings! We won't always win every race or every event may not yield the desired result, but in the same way our athletes don't give up, we should never give up on them.

Speaking of which, mi think we need to look at getting some more entrants in the Olympic events. Mi sure Jamaica can enter more people fi gymnastics! Just check out some a di dance dem a night and see the acrobatic moves dem weh the woman dem a do! Fi jump off a sound box, climb and bounce dem body so pon di ground mi think some talent deh deh so! Wah bout boxing, shooting, sound clashing (dem need that as a new event) and if dem eva have a cussing segment, mi know Jamaica woulda get the gold inna dat, too!

We are rooting for and supporting our athletes and their efforts. Jamaica to di worl!! Lalalalalalalalalala!

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